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Jo Breeze | Crowdfunding for the arts

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You may only get one shot at a successful crowdfunding campaign. With a 100% funding track record, I can help you make it count. Whether you just need professional advice on how to get up and running, or a full service to develop your campaign, manage the admin and fulfil rewards, we can plan a level of support that works for you. I’ve helped organisations and independent creators raise hundreds of thousands of pounds to support film-making, music recording, writing, arts projects, even political activism.

Too many crowdfunding campaigns for great projects are let down by creators who hope that simply putting their idea online will be enough to bring in supporters. If you know there’s more to it than that, but aren’t sure where to start or whether you and your team have the time or capacity to do it yourself, I can help.

Whether you just need some guidelines to make sure you’re avoiding common pitfalls, an extra pair of hands to cover social media during the campaign, or whether you need full professional advice on how to develop your campaign from the outset, we can work together to make sure you have the support you need to sail past your funding target.

I provide crowdfunding campaign advice, strategy, implementation and reward fulfilment – everything from a basic introduction on how crowdfunding works, to a full beginning-to-end campaign operation. I can work with you to make sure you’re reaching the people who’ll be so excited about your project that they’ll want to spread the word themselves.

With over a decade’s experience in marketing, I can help you define exactly why your project matters, and get it in front of people who agree.

I also provide speaking and training courses on crowdfunding; get in touch if you’d like to run a group training session (online or in person) tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Jo Breeze
Crowdfunding consultant
Email: hello@jobreeze.co.uk

Visit: https://www.jobreeze.co.uk