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26th October 2018 Nicole Kay

Nicole Kay | Freelance Marketing Manager

Nicole Kay Marketing

I am a hardworking and enthusiastic individual with 8 years of experience in the theatre marketing industry covering West End, Tours and Off West-End venues. As a freelancer, I create bespoke marketing packages to fit any budget and suit your individual needs. My range of marketing services are diverse, allowing you to cherry pick from the marketing mix as required, or book a fully cohesive marketing campaign right from brand conception, to closing night.

Current and past clients include Chloe Nelkin Consulting, JHI, Buckland Theatre, Tiata Fahodzi, Guildhall, The National Trust, Pigtails Productions, Scamp Theatre, Lily Atkinson, Tim Johanson, Mark Cartwright, Hampstead Theatre, London Musical Theatre Orchestra, Immersion Theatre, Avex Recitals, Paulden Hall Productions and Watermill Theatre.

Previous employers include Dewynters (promotions), Dreamworks Theatricals and JHI (Marketing Campaigns Manager). On behalf of JHI I managed the marketing campaigns for Kenny Wax Ltd: The Play That Goes Wrong, Peter Pan That Goes Wrong and the West End runs and UK tours of Jacqueline Wilson’s Hetty Feather.

Nicole Kay
Marketing Campaigns Manager
Tel: 07930927836



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