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23rd August 2018 Samantha Eaves

Sam Eaves | Freelance Marketing Consultant — practical marketing support

Sam Eaves, Marketing Consultant

I have over 25 years of experience in arts and education marketing. After working in venues as Marketing Manager at the Manchester Palace and Opera House Theatres and then The Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, I was Birmingham Royal Ballet Marketing Manager for 16 years. I have spent the last two years marketing an independent school in Oxford before pursuing a freelance marketing career providing practical support to originate and deliver successful marketing campaigns within agreed budgets and objectives. I have worked as part of successful teams delivering on audience development objectives and hitting high ticket sales targets but have also built the marketing function at Rye St Antony from scratch and have increased both enquiries and admissions. I build marketing campaigns incorporating digital and traditional channels and am able to step in and hit the ground running. I am also accustomed to working with a variety of budgets and enjoy being hands on to achieve marketing success.

Sam Eaves
Marketing Consultant
Tel: 07703 845013



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