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Anita Holford | Communications for music & arts with a social, educational & wellbeing purpose

Writing Services

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I help people making change through music and the arts – in education; community/participation; health/wellbeing. I help them to break down barriers to what they do, and advocate to funders, partners and commissioners of their services, as well as participants/learners.

I can help with everything from comms strategy and planning, to copywriting, to website and content creation.

I’ve worked with national organisations such as Youth Music (eg providing strategic advice and co-ordination for the Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England); local/regional music education hubs such as Wiltshire Music Connect; community music organisations such as The Music Works (where I was comms and evaluation lead, as well as managing their education programme for three years), arts programmes and organisations like Avant Cymru and A2:Connect.

I write an ‘advice and resources’ blog, host the Music for Education & Wellbeing podcast, and run the Music Education Works website.

Anita Holford
Email: anita@writing-services.co.uk
Tel: 01600 713758

Visit: https://www.writing-services.co.uk