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Amy Nichol | Social Media Strategist

AN Digital

Hello! I’m Amy, a dynamic and results-driven Social Media Strategist with a proven track record in creating successful campaigns for leading health, beauty, and wellness brands, as well as making waves within the arts sector.

With a love for all things digital marketing, I’ve recently embarked on a freelance journey, bringing my wealth of experience to my clients. I specialise in crafting impactful paid and organic social and content strategies that resonate with audiences and drive engagement for brands such as UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK and the Royal Albert Hall.

So, how can I help you?

💅 My results-oriented approach helps me to consistently deliver results for clients. I’ve navigated the ever-evolving landscape of health and beauty brands taking them onto new channels, orchestrating digital campaigns that amplify brand presence and drive conversions.
🎭 A creative at heart, I’ve successfully applied my strategic mindset within the arts sector, collaborating with cultural institutions and creative minds to foster digital engagement and expand online reach.
👥 As a seasoned strategist, I’ve honed my skills in leading high-performing teams and navigating complex, multi-stakeholder environments. I thrive in collaborative settings, where I leverage multiple perspectives to achieve collective success.
🤳 Whether it’s cultivating organic growth or executing targeted paid campaigns, I excel in the full spectrum of social media management. I’m your go-to strategist for optimising brand presence across digital platforms.
❤️ I believe in the power of purpose-driven content. Every strategy I craft is anchored in authenticity, creating connections that go beyond the surface and foster long-lasting relationships between brands and their audiences.

Amy Nichol
Email: amyjnic@gmail.com
Tel: 07597952063