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Adam Lumb FCIM | Brand and Strategy Consultant

Hone by Adam Lumb — A Strategic Arts Consultancy

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I help arts businesses grow.

The only arts consultancy to combine the disciplines of brand strategy and business planning with intellectual property management to grow your arts business and protect the value of what you’ve built.

Strategic advice to the Creative Industries, Cultural Sector, Film, TV, Gaming, Publishing, Museums, Galleries and Heritage.

• Grow your income and your audience.
• Draw back from the details to clarify the problem and find solutions.
• Develop what you offer and protect the value of artistic work.
• Connect with staff and audiences in creative ways.
• Hone your ideas.


Adam Lumb FCIM has been leading cultural organisations in the UK for more than 20 years. He has worked for the National Portrait Gallery, BBC, Museums Sheffield, West Yorkshire Playhouse and the Royal Armouries. He has trained arts professionals in marketing across the sector through his introduction to marketing.

Author of “Brand is how we find each other” available on Amazon.


• Brand Strategy
Develop a brand that actually does what you want it to do.
• Organisational Development and Internal Communications
Create a people plan that aligns to your brand.
• IP Strategy
Protect what you’ve build by developing a strategy around the intellectual property in your business.
• Brand Imagery
Specialist help to chose the right imagery for your brand drawing on semiotic analysis and brand strategy.
• Strategic Marketing
Align your marketing, products and services and develop key stories about your brand.
• Business Planning
Design your organisational planning cycle and get control of your growth plans.
• Creative Brand Campaign Strategy
Identification if key stories about your organisation to position to inform briefs for creative agencies.
• Brand ID and Creative Review
Review of your creative materials including communications, website, campaigns to inform briefs for creative agencies.

Adam Lumb FCIM
Arts Consultant - Brand, Strategy, Commercial, IP
Email: adamlumbconsulting@gmail.com

Visit: https://www.adamlumb.com/