Be sure you are able to attend our sesion ahead of the day to avoid any last minute tech issues.


Before booking your place where a training session is taking place on Zoom, complete the checklist to ensure access to Zoom to fully experience the benefits of this session.

  • If you haven’t already — download the latest version of Zoom.
  • If you haven’t used Zoom before the instructions will be useful — how to join a Zoom meeting.
  • Check how to connect your audio.
  • Check your computer is Zoom compatible by joining a test meeting.
  • Check that your organisation’s Firewall allows access to Zoom.
  • Check that you have a headset — headphones with an integrated microphone. A hands-free headset for your smart phone should suffice but check it’s compatible with your computer.
  • Check that you have a webcam — using a webcam is not essential to participate in this session but it is recommended wherever possible.

Once you have booked your place you will be sent a confirmation email
with a link and passcode for the Zoom meeting.