Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the AMA and our services.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, then please contact us.

Membership FAQs 

Freelance Members

Freelance members get access to all the same benefits as other types of members, but they also get the opportunity to upload a listing to the Freelance Directory.

When you become a Freelance member, or when you renew your Freelance membership, you’ll get sent a link to get your listing started, and then follow the steps to add your details. If you get stuck or can’t find your email contact

Service Provider Members

Service Provider Members get access to all the same benefits as other types of members, but they also get the opportunity to upload a listing and resources to the Service Provider Hub.

When you become a Service Provider member, or when you renew your membership, the main contact for your membership will get sent a link to get your listing started, and then follow the steps to add your details. If you get stuck or can’t find your email contact

Team Members or Main Contacts

(Standard Team, Small Organisation and Service Providers)

Only the Main Contact can see all members on their team membership. You can view this by logging in to your Profile. Members in your team can be viewed and added here. Archived members will be crossed out.

Visit your profile and scroll to the membership details section. Click Add Member, enter their details and save. An email confirmation will be sent to the new member and a separate email will be sent with login details

Visit your profile and scroll to Membership details > Add additional members > your members. Click on the name of the member that you wish to remove. Click on remove. This can be reversed by clicking restore.

There can only be one main contact. If you wish to change the main contact, please email

find out which membership is right for you or your organisation

  • You may need to validate your membership. You will have received an email from us with a link to click.
  • Your membership may have expired, please check your profile or email

Here is a full list of organisations that already have membership

Events FAQs

Visit our training and events page to see a full list of upcoming events. Click on the event for more details, click book now and follow the instructions. If you are logged in, your member rates will be available. If you are not a member, you can either complete the booking using the non-member rate or become a member to receive free or discounted rates.

  • If you are a member, all our webinars are free. Webinars run for 1-1.5 hours and are a great way to fit some training into your working week.
  • If you are a member, regional meetings are free. These run 1-2 times per year per region.
  • Members receive a discount from some programs, unless the program is funded (or subsidised)
  • Workshops
    • Our workshops run for 3 hours and take an in-depth look at topics.
  • Webinars
    • Webinars have a fee attached, but members can get discounts – they are charged for as they are more in-depth, discussion based and “hands-on” in nature.
  • Courses
    • Programme-based learning covering a range of topics. These can take place in person, online or a hybrid of both depending on the topic(s)
  • Day Events
    • We run regular Day Event across the year. These include Digital Marketing Day and Inclusivity & Audiences Day. These typically take place on location.
  • AMA Conference.
    • Our annual conference takes place in a different venue each year and brings hundreds of arts marketers together.

We mostly use WebEx and Zoom for webinars, for our larger online event we use platforms such as Airmeet and Hopin.

We would suggest reading our Online Workshop Checklist ahead of the training.

  • A live event is a streamed webinar which includes discussion and Q&As. A recording of the live event will be emailed to you within 2 weeks of the event.
  • A recorded event is not a live stream and therefore does not include discussions. A link to the recorded event will be emailed to you.
  • If you are logged in, the correct fee will be available to select. If you believe this is the incorrect fee please login or contact
  • Your member record might not be linked to your organisation on our system, please contact membership@

Job Advertising FAQs

Any organisation that has PAYE employees who are members, either individual or team then the organisation would be entitled to the reduced rates or advertising. The exception to this rule is freelancer members, who can’t transfer their member discount to an organisation they are working with.

We do not offer this for separate positions, we do offer a discount for multiple advert purchases.
If you have multiple vacancies for the same role available, then we can put this in one advert, i.e Marketing Officer x 2

For Standard or Enhanced adverts, we will ask for:

  • 150-200 words about the role you want to advertise, including salary
  • The link to the full job description/your website where more details are
  • A jpg of your organisation logo
  • The advertising option you wanted to go for

We believe it is good practice to include a salary in job advertisement and as such won’t list a role unless there is salary, salary band or fee attached. We won’t accept ‘Competitive Salary’ or ‘Salary Commensurate with Experience’.

Regional Associates FAQs

You must hold a valid paid AMA membership. You must work for arts, culture or heritage organisations and have a passion for arts marketing and engaging others with arts and culture.

 For individuals working in other organisations such as sector support organisations, service providers or agencies, we have other opportunities you may be interested in. Please get in touch: 

Our regional associates’ main focus is to host two regional meetings a year (currently both online), spread the word about their meetings, and act as a point of contact and friendly face for members in their local area.

The time commitment is minimal at around 8 hours split across four months. You will have two online ‘catch up’ meetings a year with the membership team.

Each regional associate organises the content of the meeting – from the topic, meeting format and organising guest speakers if that is appropriate to the format chosen. The AMA is responsible for event logistics such as setting up the online meeting. This leaves the regional associate to be able to focus on the content of the meeting. 

Regional Associates get a 50% subsidy on a ticket to the annual AMA conference, Regional Associate-only discounts on all other paid AMA events, priority notice of AMA training events, the opportunity to have input into what AMA does, and the chance to raise your profile within your local area and the wider sector.

Pricing and Payment FAQS

These can be found in our T&Cs.

We don’t offer a discount for charities, most of our customers have charitable status and our pricing reflects that.