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Experiments in access #DMA

Freya Jewitt from South London Gallery shares her experience on the Digital Marketing Academy.
My initial goal for the DMA was to improve the accessibility of the SLG’s website and digital marketing ahead of an inclusive arts festival for disabled and non disabled families. It was really helpful that my project was embedded into my work on the festival so that I had preset deadlines, audience targets and content to work with, and having the festival to work towards was also a great way to motivate my colleagues to collaborate on new projects.
In the run up to the festival I worked with the Learning and Operations teams to create an autism friendly visual story, an ‘Access’ page for the website, and other resources. Having time to do research and testing changed my perspective on all aspects of the festival marketing so that I put it into practice in lots of different areas, from the information in the e-flyers to A/B testing the targeting and imagery on Facebook ads for the event. I’m still working on evaluating and developing these further and thinking about ways that we can raise awareness of the new resources, so just because my project is coming to an end it doesn’t mean the experimenting is over.
Over the course of my project some of my ideas were reshaped by the time and contacts available to me so I had to take a flexible approach. It was great to look broadly at accessibility and explore a range of ideas but if I was going to do the project again I’d probably set out a much more defined test or question I wanted to answer.

Header Image courtesy of Pavillion Dance South West © Farrows Creative — Safe