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Digitally Literate Leadership — why it matters

Image courtesy of Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival — Brownton Abbey 2, Brighton Festival 2018 ©Vic Frankowski

Download the session presentation.


What is it about?

There’s a lot of talk about the digital skills shortage but what about the lack of digital understanding across leadership?
Leaders are surrounded by digital tools and platforms but have the consequences of these been considered? If cultural organisations have a commitment to reaching more diverse audiences why are the tools being used based on optimising sales rather than reaching a variety of audiences?
Petra will examine the ethical limitations and commercial opportunities of digital tools in cultural organisations. She will discuss how leaders shy away from technologies they think are not for them — or jump on board without realising their shortcomings. You’ll learn how, as leaders, we can start to change this behaviour.

What will I gain?

— Advice for becoming more digitally literate managers and leaders
— An understanding of the consequences and implications of using various digital tools — and of not using them
— Insights into the ethical limitations of digital

Who is it for

This session is for senior cultural professionals and leaders.

Petra Abbam | Publications Editor | BBC Proms