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Digital Bootcamp


Get more people on your website and get them doing what you want

Coronavirus and AMA’s Digital Bootcamp

Digital Bootcamp will still take place on 30 March – but now as a digital event, and those with day tickets can either switch to the Digital Ticket (and we will send you access to recordings of the sessions to access after the event), or get a refund. Delegates already booked on should have already received an email from with further information.

Digital Tickets remain on sale up to the event, but if you have any questions, please email

30 March: Now Digital Only

Due to Coronavirus (COVID19) Digital Bootcamp is now taking place online. The trainers remain the same although there may be some variation in timings. We will still deliver a quality event but please bear with us as we make necessary adjustments.

  • Morning: How to be more effective in acquiring audiences online

  • Afternoon: Influencing online audience behaviour and get more converting against your aims

Want to engage more online audiences with the work, events, services of your arts, culture or heritage organisation?

Digital Bootcamp will take what you already know and amp it up.

See who else is attending:

The day is structured to cover the following steps:

Acquisition — creating awareness and interest

  • reach your audiences online
  • pull those audiences through your website

We’ll look at online advertising and email marketing in particular.

Behaviour — understanding your audiences 

  • understanding what your audiences want, expect and respond to so you can iterate and succeed in your approach

We’ll look at what your audiences are telling you, and how to listen online through the content you use.

Conversion — using your understanding to deliver results

    • getting your audiences to take the actions you want
    • achieving your digital goals

Having worked hard to get your audiences where you want them, we’ll wrap up the day by looking at how to get them doing what you want once you’ve got them.

As well as aligning with the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) model of marketing, you’ll recognise how this Acquisition, Behaviour, Conversion structure fits with the approach Google Analytics takes from start to finish when understanding your audiences, your website, and the effect of your work in engaging the one with the other. 

Schedule for the day


Session 1: 10.00am — 11.15am: Pay Per Click Advertising

Speakers: Chris Unitt & Pauline Fallowell

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a crucial paid channel that tends to deliver well, but there are lots of uncertainties and many missed opportunities  – this session will take you through how to get PPC working as hard as it possibly can for you. 

Session 2: 11.30am — 12.45pm: Email

Speaker: Sam Scott Wood

This session will look at your email marketing strategy as part of the customer journey, exploring how you can use different types of email to engage audiences at different points on that journey. This will include practical guides to:

  • Designing emails to maximise engagement
  • Using automation to develop your relationship with audiences
  • Using segmentation and personalisation to create emails with relevance
  • Creating content with value
  • Refining your email strategy with analytics and testing
  • Technical tips for getting the most from your system

Lunch Break: 12.45pm — 1.30pm 


Session 3: 1.30pm — 2.45pm: Conversion

Speaker: Craig Sullivan

Whether you are actively selling tickets, merchandise, taking more for donations or aiming to persuade people to take a specific action on your website – conversion is where your efforts bear fruit or fail. This session will look into usability and analytics to help you optimise your conversion rate. 

Craig will share twenty years of experience, give you free or low-cost toolkits, reports, excel templates, downloads, articles and everything else you’ll need to increase donations, communication, awareness, micro conversions or larger commitments and justdo this stuff back at the office’.

Session 4: 3.00pm — 4.15pm : Content

Speaker: Ciaran Rogers 

How do people respond to your content strategy — and does your content strategy respond to what people want? How can you use content to shape behaviour and encourage more conversions against your goals? Learn how to refine your content based on user behaviour and your aims. This session will look at how you can influence this with social and web content, and touch on SEO.

Session 5: 4.30pm — 5.00pm : Wrap-Up

Bringing together the day’s learning with a recap and Q&A session.

Please note: We aim to bring you the most relevant and up to date content. For this and other reasons, sessions may be subject to change.