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28th October 2019 Jemma Green

Digital Skills in your Team

Leadership Briefing 

As a team leader and decision maker you need to ensure that you and your team understand the opportunity digital services provide to deliver your mission.

It’s a risk to not have digital expertise embedded in your team and management structure, and it’s vital that you are able to grow and nurture your team’s digital capacity.

In this Leadership Briefing, Zak will discuss how you can ensure the digital standards you put in place enable your organisation to fulfill its mission, upskilling your teams and helping you recruit digitally skilled people.

This session is supported by Digital Marketing Day 2019 Digital Leadership Sponsor, Ticketsolve.

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What will I gain?

— insight on successfully embedding and upskilling digital expertise in your teams

—  tips for recruiting digitally skilled people

— making sure you have solid digital standards in place

Who is it for?

Leaders of teams and organisations.

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Zak Mensah| Head of Transformation for Culture and Creative Industries | Bristol City Council

Zak Mensah is Head of Transformation for Culture & Creative Industries, Bristol City Council. Zak says: 

“I’m excited about helping our 170 person service make a ruckus by focusing on the needs of our 1 Million+ visitors.  I’m focusing on helping us to become a cultural business and embedding digital and emerging practice throughout the service. I’ve been on the web since the late 90s and have watched the web permeate every corner of our lives.”

I write You can follow me on twitter at @zakmensah 


This session is supported by Digital Marketing Day 2019 Digital Leadership Sponsor, Ticketsolve.



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