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15th November 2019 Amy Firth

Digital Service for Audiences and Teams

What is it about?

Access/ Digital engagement / Funding

How can you work with constraints of scale, scope and speed to ensure seamless and engaging digital experiences for audiences? Zak is leading this process of transformation at Bristol Museum, and will share useful insights on how you can ensure “digital” is embedded and respected and delivers seamless experiences for your audiences and teams.

He will discuss:

— Scale: how much can you scale up operations?

Scope: what are the opportunities and constraints

— Speed: how quickly can you make a positive impact

View more information on Digital Marketing Day 2019 and book your place.


Zak Mensah | Head of Transformation for Culture & Creative Industries, Bristol City Council 

I’m excited about helping our 170 person service make a ruckus by focusing on the needs of our 1 Million+ visitors.  I’m focusing on helping us to become a cultural business and embedding digital and emerging practice throughout the service. I’ve been on the web since the late 90s and have watched the web permeate every corner of our lives.

I write You can follow me on twitter at @zakmensah 





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