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Digital Marketing Day 2019 — Programme

Go Beyond Digital with our speakers and sessions.

Delegates joined us London or Edinburgh, or online with the Digital Ticket. 

You can still get the Digital Ticket and catch 5 sessions – the ones included in the Digital Ticket are marked with an asterisk below. 

Sessions in grey took place in London, sessions in white took place in Edinburgh.

Sessions with a grey border took place at both venues via livestreaming.

9:30 — Morning Briefing

Digital Skills in your Team
Speaker: Zak Mensah


Do you and your workforce understand the opportunity digital services provide to deliver your mission? It’s a service risk to not have digital expertise embedded in your management structure, and it’s vital that the service is able to grow and nurture the team’s digital capacity.

Join Zak to discuss how you can ensure the digital standards you put in place enable your team and organisation to fulfill its aims, plus network with other leaders and decision-makers. 

Come for: Discussion and networking — Advice on embedding and upskilling digital expertise in your teams —Tips for recruiting digitally skilled people  — Knowledge of how to ensure you have solid digital standards in place

This session is supported by Digital Marketing Day 2019 Digital Leadership Sponsor Ticketsolve.  This discussion-led session is additional to the Digital Marketing Day Programme aimed at helping leaders. To attend the Leadership Briefing please register your interest.


Zak Mensah

Zak Mensah
Head of Transformation for Culture & Creative Industries
Bristol City Council

The Digital Shift — what we can learn from digital transformation in the creative, third and public sectors
Speaker: Patrick Towell


How are the commercial creative industries and wider third and public sectors affected by the embedding of digital into our lives, the economy and the world around us? And how are they using the power of the Internet and mobile devices to transform themselves and the communities they serve? 

Join Patrick to discover what the cultural sector can learn and apply from the digital transformations these sectors are already navigating.

Come for: An understanding of how consumer behaviours and expectations are changing as a result of digital — An exploration of how design thinking and user-centered research can be used to drive innovation — Ways to spot opportunities for new revenues, funding or lower costs through digital.

This session is supported by The Audience Agency.

Patrick Towell

Patrick Towell
Innovation Director
The Audience Agency

10:40 — Opening Keynote

Engaging Digital Audiences*
Speaker: Lisa Westcott Wilkins

Live in London — Streamed to Edinburgh

DigVentures are transforming and extending physical experiences online, so much so that a large percentage of the ‘crowd’ who now fund DigVentures are digital engagers only. By pioneering the use of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and other digital methods, they have enabled more people to purposefully participate in archaeological experiences. Lisa will talk about how they’ve achieved this — and how to get digital content and digital workflow right.

* included in Digital Ticket

Lisa_headshot - Lisa Westcott Wilkins

Lisa Westcott Wilkins
Co-Founder and Managing Director, DigVentures

11:25 — Refreshments


During the break in London, you can join PatronBase or the ACE Tech Champions for short One-2-One meetings, to get your burning tech questions answered. You will be able to sign up to these at the registration desk in the morning, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Drop in session — Wellbeing Hub with Creative Freedom and Art Fund

Time for a digital detox?

Take twenty minutes to chat to Creative Freedom and Art Fund about ways (cultural and non-cultural) to boost your wellbeing. Enjoy a cup of Pukka herbal tea on us!


11:45 — Breakout 1: choose between…

Going Live — how to livestream well
Speaker: Jon Sleigh


Explore the value of digital ‘intimacy’, and the practicalities of running a successful livestream in this fun, interactive session. Jon will help you learn how to prepare for a livestream, what considerations and safeguards should be in place, and how you engage people effectively.

Come for: Basics of running a livestream — Insights into the public and legal requirements involved — Tips for engaging your audience and protecting yourself

jon sleigh

Jon Sleigh
Freelance Arts Educator

Keeping your Audience — creating engaging content
Speaker: Jennifer Staves


Content and channel strategist Jennifer Staves will talk about how a change in editorial strategy — from blogging to magazine-style storytelling — enabled Wellcome Collection to increased in read-rate and more meaningful engagement. She will share how you can creatively connect your objectives with user preferences to deliver on your mission in a more powerful way.

Come for: Insights into creating content — Tips to increase content engagement rates — Advice on connnecting organisational objectives to audience preferences

* included in Digital Ticket

Jennifer Staves

Jennifer Staves

Audience-First Marketing
Speaker: Anthony Rawlins


Investment in digital marketing has grown hugely over the last 5 years, and this isn’t because digital marketing is more engaging, more transparent and more measurable, but because it is on these digital channels, that our audiences now reside.

This session will provide you with insights to understand what your audiences are up to in the digital world, and how best to reach them.

Come for: A greater understanding of your audiences’ behaviour online — Tips on how best to reach your audience on digital channels — Details of the 3 priority digital activities you must get right

This session is sponsored by Digital Visitor.


A Rawlins

Anthony Rawlins
Digital Visitor

Advertising — a love story
Speaker: Gavin Bell


Let’s be honest, we hate ads. Audiences hate ads. Even 3-year-olds know how to skip ads on Youtube. Which poses the question, how can we as marketers advertise profitably and in a way that doesn’t annoy our potential customers?

In this high energy talk, Gavin will walk us through how to create and run ads that your customers will LOVE to see.

Come for: An understanding on why some advertising fails — Tips for creating profitable advertising — Advice for making advertising count


Gavin Bell
Fat Pony

Building a Brand through Digital Storytelling and Advocacy
Speaker: Natalya Ratner


What is the most important thing in building a brand? The power of advocacy. But how do we harness the might of many and build a strong advocacy and engagement programme? That’s the challenge.

During this session, Natalya will talk about bringing together Scotland’s largest public sector bodies, to create a strong international identity with the marketing vehicle Scotland is Now.

Come for: An understanding of the challenges and enablers of cross-organisational collaboration — An understanding of how brand alignment can work for you — Tips on how brand ambassadors can tell your story using digital means


Natalya Ratner
Head of Digital Experience & Content
Brand Scotland

12:30 — Lunch

Opportunity for 1:1 meetings during lunch – book on the day

During the lunch break in London, you can join PatronBase or the ACE Tech Champions for short One-2-One meetings, to get your burning tech questions answered. You will be able to sign up to these at the registration desk in the morning, on a first-come-first-served basis.

12:30 — drop in session 

Wellbeing Hub with Creative Freedom and Art Fund


Let’s take it off-line

The Art Fund’s recent 2018 wellbeing report ‘Calm and Collected’ suggested galleries and museums were an under-used resource to take time out.  Drop in over your lunch break to find out more and talk to Creative Freedom about how you can boost mental health and wellbeing in your organisation.



Lunch-time Talk with Digital Culture Network’s ACE Tech Champions
Speakers: Haydn Corrodus & Dean Shaw


This 30 minute talk on how being a “Google” alternative for your audience and followers might be the social media strategy you’ve been looking for.

Included is an overview of how to access free support from Tech Champions to realise your social media and digital ambitions.

This lunch-time talk is sponsored by Digital Culture Network.


Haydn Corrodus
Tech Champion for Social Media
Digital Culture Network

Dean Shaw
Tech Champion for Content
Digital Culture Network

13:30 — Breakout 2: choose between…

Accessibility Guidelines — what you need to know
Speaker: Chris Unitt


With more and more emphasis being put on making sure our buildings and offerings can be experienced by the widest group of people, it’s important that our digital content is also up to scratch.

During this session, Chris will take you through the four principles of digital accessibility and you’ll discover the tools and checks you can use to meet the relevant guidelines.

Come for: An understanding of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) — Practical ways you can create accessible content — Ways to check if your work is up to standard

Chris Unitt

Chris Unitt
One Further

From Landing Page to Action — optimising the user journey
Speaker: Rachel Walker


Optimising your online experience to guide users to where you want them on your website can make a big impact. Rachel has spent a lot of time optimising websites, both at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and in her current role at the Royal Academy. Hear how user testing and iterative design – and acknowledging that we shouldn’t be afraid of making a landing page overtly focused on conversion – can up your transactions, email sign-ups and achievement of other online goals. 

Come for: An understanding of user journeys and conversions — Advice for getting users to take the next step towards your website goals — Insight into best practice for optimising conversion rates

Rachel Walker Temp image

Rachel Walker
Senior Digital Product Manager
Royal Academy

Social Media — how to manage yourself
Speaker: Jon Sleigh


How can you safeguard yourself and your teams from social media overload and uncertainty? The online space is always-on, often unpredictable and not always friendly…  Jon brings his experience of building and using ethics frameworks, values statements and online guidelines to help you keep yourself – and your teams –  supported and safe whilst managing social media.

Come for: Wellbeing guidance for approaching social media management — Advice for creating safer online spaces — Tips for looking after yourself, whilst looking after your social media feeds

jon sleigh

Jon Sleigh
Freelance Arts Educator

Website Accessibility — getting the basics right
Speaker: Kate Mroczkowski


Make your website more accessible with without investing in additional development of the site. Get an insight into what you can do to improve accessibility, how to approach accessibility and tools and tips you can use at your desk.

Come for: Ways to instantly improve website accessibility — An understanding of Access Culture and what it means for websites — Insights into how design and content can help or hinder website accessibility

Kate Mrockowski

Kate Mroczkowski
Head of Strategy

Exploiting Data through APIs*
Speaker: James McVeigh


APIs let two applications talk to each other – CRM system to email platform, for instance – and can have huge benefits for marketing. At Festivals Scotland, developing an API was key to unlocking potential. James will share the business challenge that Festivals Edinburgh was facing, how developing an API offered a solution,  and the process of developing that. He’ll also explain how how the API offered more opportunities than they had previously foreseen and the interesting lessons learned from the experience.

Come for: An understanding of APIs and how they work — Insights into how APIs can help you and why you should be using them

* included in Digital Ticket

James McVeigh resized for web

James McVeigh
Head of Innovation and Marketing
Festivals Edinburgh

14:25 — Breakout 3: choose between…

Data — how to listen
Speaker: Chris Unitt


Your online audiences are always dropping hints as to what they do and don’t like, you just have to listen. These hints will tell you how to optimise your marketing campaigns, how to improve your website, and generally how to make things better for your audiences.

During this session, Chris will show you how to pick up on these hints and how to take action on them, using examples from Google Analytics, social media platforms and more.

Come for: Insights into online audience behaviour — How to set up reports to make your life easier — Tips for finding useful signals amongst all the noise

Chris Unitt

Chris Unitt
One Further

Mapping a Holistic Organisational Approach to User Experience*
Speaker: Florence Okoye


As the user experience designer for Natural History Museum, Florence has to consider inclusive and accessible practice and, creating holistic services relevant to audiences. Join her to explore how you can ensure user journeys that are seamless, engaging and accessible and inclusive for all.

Come for: Ways to create better user journeys — Techniques to build inclusivity into your online experience — Online engagement ideas that work for both organisation and audience

* included in Digital Ticket


Florence Okoye
UX Designer
Natural History Museum

How to get Technology — and Teams — to Talk to Each Other
Speaker: Rob Walters


Explore what the future holds to help us break down the barriers technology creates within our organisations, and as a sector, and how can we take back control.

Come for: A fresh perspective on how tech may be holding your organisation back — Insights into current and future trends — An understanding of how we can take control and make our tech work for us

This session is sponsored by PatronBase

PatronBase Logo

rob walters

Rob Walters
Global Software Architect

Making Streamlining Sexy — using digital tools to free up your time
Speaker: Paul Blundell


‘Streamlining your internal processes’ doesn’t sound exciting – but what if you could create cross-team processes that save you hours every week? In this interactive session, Paul will walk you through simple tools and hacks to help you understand your data better, improve your internal comms, and increase productivity – meaning that you will have more time to do the things you really love about your job.

Come for: Advice on how technology can simplify processes — Tips to get the most from your data — Ways to increase internal collaboration and understanding


Paul Blundell
RBA Creative

V&A Dundee — a digital case study
Speaker: Russell Dornan


Discover how Russell — who joined V&A Dundee 18 months before the building opened — went about promoting a space that wasn’t available, and how he kept the momentum going once it was. Including how barriers, like not being able to share any images from within the building, provided unexpected opportunities for his creative digital campaigns.

Come for: Ways to use constraints to spark creativity — Inspiration on marketing when content is scarce — Tactics to maintain awareness in “dormant” periods

Russell Dornan headshot 2

Russell Dornan
Digital Producer
V&A Dundee

15:10 — Refreshments


During the break in London, you can join PatronBase or the ACE Tech Champions for short One-2-One meetings, to get your burning tech questions answered. You will be able to sign up to these at the registration desk in the morning, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Drop in session — Wellbeing Hub with Creative Freedom and Art Fund

Taking time out to talk

Creative Freedom and Art Fund offer a refreshment break with a talkative twist. How can you start the wellbeing conversation in your workplace and explore ways to support everyone in your organisation? Enjoy a cup of Pukka herbal tea on us!


15:40 — Closing Keynote

Digital Service for Audiences & Teams*
Zak Mensah

15:40 Keynote

Live in Edinburgh — Streamed to London

How can you work with constraints of scale, scope and speed to ensure seamless and engaging digital experiences for audiences?

Zak is leading this process of transformation at Bristol Museum, and will share useful insights on how you can ensure ‘digital’ is embedded and respected and delivers seamless experiences for your audiences and teams. 

* included in Digital Ticket

Zak Mensah

Zak Mensah
Head of Transformation for Culture & Creative Industries
Bristol City Council

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