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Digital Marketing Day 2018 — Programme

Digital Marketing Day 2018 — Programme


Join us at Digital Marketing Day, where for the first time we’ll be bringing the programme to two linked locations. We’ll have speakers at both the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow and the British Museum in London. You’ll be able to see both the keynote sessions, whichever location you’re in, as we’ll be live streaming them from, and to, each venue. Whether you join us in Glasgow or London, you’ll experience a full day of learning and inspiration with plenty of opportunities to network.

Below you can see all the available sessions, organised by location and level, plus the definition of our various strands.

To find a link to a downloadable copy of the session presentation, just click into each session’s web page.





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Benefits of a practical session: tool kits, hints and tips that can be used immediately in your organisation, thorough knowledge of the basics of your chosen subject, increased confidence and growth in your skill set.



Benefits of a strategic session: tried and tested case studies, insights into other organisation’s experiences, thorough exploration of how creativity and strategy go hand in hand.



Benefits of a leadership session: best practice studies, ideas to influence organisational thinking and focus, the opportunity to interact with other thought leaders and shape the future of our sector.

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