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Digital Marketing Academy 3.0

About DMA 3.0

The Digital Marketing Academy (DMA) is an online learning initiative that enables digital innovation across the arts, culture and heritage sector. After the success and impact of DMA 1.0 and 2.0, we launched DMA 3.0, which has recently completed.

Fellows are invited to devise, test, develop and share digital marketing experiments with the help of a leading digital specialist as their Mentor. The experiments are developed with real audiences in order to trial and adopt good practice, and achieve new ambitions and perspectives in digital marketing.


The following marketers, working in organisations across the country, are taking part in Digital Marketing Academy 3.0.


The following digital experts are Mentors at Digital Marketing Academy 3.0.

“The Digital Marketing Academy gave us the discipline, platform and support we needed to give our experiment the attention it needed. It has allowed me to gain confidence in my existing skill set, instincts and change management responsibilities. It has not only given me some very practical skills but also allowed me to develop professionally in a way I did not necessarily expect.”
Caroline Schreiber
Marketing Manager
The Place
DMA 2.0 Fellow

“What can I say about DMA? It is an incredible opportunity to focus on your project with fantastic support from an amazing Mentor and with the chance to share practice with the other Fellows – invaluable!  I not only increased my learning but had fun doing it and participating in this has spurred on so many other new projects for our organisation.”
Jess Thomas
Marketing Officer
DMA 2.0 Fellow

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Top image: Happy audience photo by Ekke on Flickr – used under Creative Commons