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Digital Marketing Academy 2.0

More experiments and more learning at DMA 2.0

About DMA 2.0

Digital Marketing Academy 2.0 took place between April 2015 and January 2016.

Experiments and learning from the second cohort of Fellows included:

  • a loyalty scheme for audiences
  • integrating Box Office and CRM systems
  • experimenting with gamification and audience interaction
  • creating original video content for Facebook
  • A/B testing on different social media platforms
  • 360 video to engage non-attenders
  • improving the website customer journey
  • breakthroughs in the use of Google Analytics

The Fellows were supported by eight international Mentors, to help create innovative digital marketing experiments with real audiences in real organisations.

Image linking to DMA 2.0 Fellows

Discover more about the Fellows that took part in Digital Marketing Academy 2.0

Image linking to DMA 2.0 Mentors

Find out about our eight expert digital Mentors

image of blog

Explore the experiments that took place at DMA 2.0 through the tales told by Fellows and Mentors on the blog

CultureHive Best Practice is managed by the Arts Marketing Association, in partnership with The Audience Agency, part of Arts Council England’s Audience Focus programme, supported by Lottery funding.

Top image: Happy audience photo by Ekke on Flickr – used under Creative Commons
Left image: Zahida Din, artsdepot, DMA 2.0 Fellow
Middle image: Sara Devine, DMA Mentor
Right image: Photo credit


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