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Digital Marketing Academy 1.0

About DMA 1.0

The first Digital Marketing Academy, launched in June 2014, was a seven month programme encouraging real digital marketing experiments with real audiences in real arts organisations.

Some of the learning that came out of Digital Marketing Academy 1.0 included:

  • the development of a new online platform bringing teachers and arts organisations together
  • extensive experiments on audience segmentation
  • breakthroughs in the use of Google Analytics
  • the development of a crowdfunding website
  • data analysis and auditing
  • increased knowledge of Facebook advertising
  • exciting A/B email testing
  • analysis of social media strategy
  • investigations into staff digital functions and organisational structure

The Fellows were supported by six Mentors, all leading digital experts, who advised, guided and pushed the Fellows to create, develop and experiment through their digital marketing. There has been great learning and impact for individuals and organisations across the sector.

Image of 2 Fellows from DMA 1.0

Find out more about the first cohort of Fellows from DMA 1.0

Image of Mentor DK

Discover who our expert digital Mentors were during Digital Marketing Academy 1.0

Digital Marketing Academy graduation badge

Take a look at the experiments and learning that came out of DMA 1.0 through the stories told on the DMA 1.0 blog

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Top image: Happy audience photo by Ekke on Flickr – used under Creative Commons
Left image: Jen Chapman and Ana Botella from FACT, DMA 1.0 Fellows
Middle image: DK, DMA Mentor
Right image: CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy badge