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Diane Ragsdale on 'what's next' for arts marketing

Diane Ragsdale interview – Part 3

We finish this series of video interviews with Diane Ragsdale by considering what might be over the horizon. How is arts marketing changing? What skills will we need to deal with the challenges that lie ahead.

Having lived and worked in the USA for many years Diane is now based in The Netherlands and she also knows the UK well. Using this interesting range of perspectives she is able to reflect on what the USA and Europe might learn from each other.

It's been a turbulent few years in the UK cultural sector; is there still room for optimism? How does it look for the UK compared to other parts of the world at this time? Diane gives her view.

Finally, given that Diane was speaking at the AMA Retreat for Senior Marketers, I asked her what she would recommend they should take away with them as they return to their workplaces.

Click on the video link below to follow the third part of the interview.


If you'd like to follow Diane Ragsdale's work, she frequently blogs at arts journal jumper where you could also make a comment in Dutch (as she is now fluent in the language).

You may also like to leave a comment below – do you agree or disagree with what she has to say? And if you are inspired to come along to one of the AMA's Retreats, the next one is for 'level 2' marketers in March 2013. More details here

And there will of course be several opportunities for discussion at the forthcoming AMA Conference in Brighton. See you there!

Jonathan Goodacre

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