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Are you a freelancer or service provider?

If you’re thinking about joining the AMA and unsure whether to pick between freelancer or service provider membership – we’ve put some definitions together to help you pick which option suits you best.

We also use the following definitions to clarify eligibility for members listing on the Freelancer Directory and in the Service Provider Hub.

You’re a freelancer/consultant if you:

  • work flexibly
  • are one person (even if trading as a named business)
  • may partner / work with associates, but don’t have employees (salaried staff)
  • are not expected to be on-call
  • are paid a fee directly by clients, not by a salary

You’re an agency/service provider if you:

  • typically have a team
  • typically keep “normal” office working hours
  • are expected to be on-call
  • pay salaried staff from fees paid into the business

Currently a freelancer member, but have transitioned to become a service provider with salaried employees? You can find out more details about our Service Provider memberships here.

If you’re still unsure of which membership fits best for you, please contact and we’ll be happy to assist you further.