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22nd May 2019 Jemma Green

Defining Insight — the Leader’s role in data-driven decision making

Data-driven decision making / SMART goals

What is it about?

What do you want your data to tell you? Leaders have specific responsibilities when it comes to data-driven decision making, including ensuring that organisational structure and communication enables insight.

But even with the basics in place, how can you ensure that the insights available to you drive your business forward? It’s not enough to believe that revenue follows engagement; leaders who set SMART goals, develop key performance indicators to measure progress and limit data noise, and prioritise relentlessly are at the vanguard of data-driven decision making.

Take these three steps and have confidence that you will be driving your data, and not the other way around.

What will I gain?

— Definition of SMART goals, and how their presence (and absence!) directly influences the amount of progress possible organisationally

— Understanding how key performance indicators (KPIs) measure progress of achieving SMART goals

— Understanding that not all data is insight, and that relevance is the key factor in discovering insight

Who is it for?

Those at a senior level who want to use their data in decision making.

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Erin Koppel | Vice President Enterprise Consulting | Tessitura Network

Erin Koppel works globally with Tessitura member organizations to advance their business and help them connect more visitors and patrons to the art they produce. As Vice President Enterprise Consulting for Tessitura Network, she leads a highly skilled team of industry experts who create revenue-generating strategies, deliver meaningful insight via Tessitura Analytics, and provide fundamental CRM guidance which deepens engagement with constituents, and improves operational efficiency. Erin is known for her ability to inspire and ignite organisationally-inclusive teams, and frequently speaks and facilitates workshops in the EU and North America. She has personally worked in all genres of arts and culture, from major metropolitan performing arts centers and museums to regional theatres. Prior to working for Tessitura, Erin spent nearly twenty years fundraising for Lyric Opera of Chicago, one of North America’s largest opera companies, and directing multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns. Erin resides in southwest suburban Chicago.


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