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Creating Inclusive Digital Experiences Today — with the tech of tomorrow

Image courtesy of Jodrell Bank — Immersive words and science engagement © Scot Salt
This Breakout Session will be taking place at Digital Marketing Day 2018 — Future Now in London.

What is it about?

From AI to robots, from apps to wearables, Robin will explore how inclusive technology has the power to change and transform lives — regardless of ability or environment.
Blast away any preconceptions you may have about the potential of technology to deliver a truly inclusive digital experience for everyone.
Will you be part of a future where technology truly includes everyone?

What will I gain?

— An overview of key accessibility issues and how to embrace them in your campaigns and organisation
— Illustrations of how, in this era of extreme computing, accessibility is no longer a specialist requirement
— Knowledge of a range of inclusive apps and technologies that you could easily use in your work

Who is it for?

This session will suit all delegates with an interest in making digital experiences more accessible. It will be of particular interest for managers and leaders looking to create a truly inclusive digital future for their organisations.

Robin Christopherson MBE | Head of Digital Inclusion | AbilityNet