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The Trampery | 21 March


The Tetley | 28 March


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What is it about?

When it comes to creating copy to entice audiences, the struggle is real. How do you remain authentic when you want to win people over? How do you sound breezy with one eye fixed on your bottom line? How do you keep your copy light and friendly when you also need to sell tickets?

Copywriting Day 2019 — putting words in their place is a day dedicated to exploring how to keep your copy fresh. Learn how to create simple and honest comms alongside theories such as nudge psychology. Delve into creative copy that is cross-functional for print and online platforms. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel with each tweet. Keep things simple and effective.

What will I learn?

What you write — Story, content and behavioural economics

10.30am — 12.30pm

Start the day by learning how to tell stories in ways that draw your audience in. Discover the best ways to get your story across using simple writing rules. Get an overview of behavioural economics — with examples of the writing ‘nudges’ most relevant to cultural organisations.

  • Learn the best ways to use stories in your copywriting
  • Find out how to get your content really clear
  • Explore behavioural economics, cognitive biases and nudges

How you write — It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it

1.20pm — 3.00pm

Learn how to develop your organisation’s tone of voice. Understand how to avoid the typical default voice. Take a look at brilliant tone of voice examples from across the arts and cultural sectors. Explore personality archetypes to find an authentic and distinctive voice to fit your organisation.

  • Explore tone of voice
  • Discover how to sound authentic and distinctive
  • Play with primary and secondary archetypes

Where you write — Getting print, digital and social right

3.30pm — 4.30pm

Get top tips for copywriting on channels from print to web and email. Find out how your organisation can cut through the noise and stand out on social media. Discover the right killer headlines for different channels. Learn when to use humour, opinion and imagery to give your writing impact.

  • Top tips for copywriting across different channels
  • Learn how to get your audience to open your emails
  • Make sure your structure promotes your key message

What will I gain?

— Innovative ways to create simple but effective copy

— Insight into theories that will help you hone your copywriting skills

— Practical tips to implement back at your desk

Who is it for?

Those who write copy and are seeking new ideas to keep their narrative simple but effective.





Image of Jon Hawkins

Jon Hawkins | Brand and Language Consultant


There are AMAculturehive bursaries available to help as many people as possible attend Copywriting Day 2019.

We are extending the application deadline to the event in Leeds for 3 delegates, and the bursary will cover 100% of the delegate fee.

The application form is really simple to complete and should be returned to by 10am on Friday 22 March 2019.

London Event

Leeds Event