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Connecting Audience Data

Data / Google Analytics / Reporting

What is it about?

Bringing your audience data together and creating the fabled ‘single customer view’ might feel like an impossible task. CRM, web analytics, social media and maybe even spreadsheets hold valuable information. So what’s the best way to bring this all together?

Chris will set out the challenges and opportunities when faced with data like this. Explore how to start bringing your data together across siloes to make it more actionable in your everyday work.

What will I gain?

— Tips for joining up data across silos

— How to get the right data to the right people

— Suggestions for how to use automation to make your working life easier

Who is it for?

This session is for those who have piles of data stacking up around them in various different systems, and want smart ways to put it to work for the benefit of their audiences, visitors, and colleagues.

View more information on AMA conference 2019 and book your place.

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Chris Unitt | Founder | One Further

Chris is the founder of One Further, a digital analytics and user research consultancy. He works with cultural organisations that want to gain a better understanding of their online audiences and how best to serve them. Current clients include the Victoria & Albert Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, and Shakespeare’s Globe. 

Chris is also responsible for the mostly-weekly Cultural Digital newsletter, which rounds up recent developments on the digital side of the cultural sector, and he sits on the board of the Hackney Empire.