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Connect Pods

Art Fund Wellbeing Pod supported by Creative Freedom


New to AMA conference this year is the Wellbeing Pod. It’s a place to share and think creatively about how you take care of yourself, enabling you to bring your whole self to work. Inside the pod there will be talks about wellness and space for sharing your experience and creative approaches to wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing Pod honours the idea that rewiring the way we all approach holistic care for ourselves not only strengthens our organisations – it can revitalise and future-proof our whole sector.

Did you know that 63% of people visit a gallery or museum specifically to de-stress?

Art Fund are championing museums and galleries as a great untapped wellbeing resource and have joined up with Creative Freedom to run a number of sessions on health, stress and wellbeing and to discuss the benefits that museums and galleries have to offer you and your audiences. With 40% of UK adults feeling anxious at least some of the time, it’s more important than ever to carve out more time for art.

Offering a space to relax and learn (much like museums), take time out for yourself during the breaks to discover more about the importance of wellbeing. Whether you’re looking for tips on mindfulness and managing personal stress or some key stats to inform your venue’s approach to working in the wellbeing space, pop by for a moment of calm, a cup of Pukka tea and a chat.

What will I gain?

  • Useful tips and manifestos on mindfulness and improving your mental health
  • Self-care advice on ways to de-stress, including evidence that museums and galleries can be an effective stress reliever
  • An opportunity to ask questions about Art Fund’s report ‘Calm and collected – Museums and galleries: the UK’s untapped wellbeing resource?’ and research findings
  • Advice on working with non-sector media to promote museums and wellbeing
  • A greater understanding of the wellbeing benefits of museums for students
  • Top tips to finding out about visiting museums and planning a trip with your exclusive National Art Pass for AMA delegates in your wellbeing tote

Who is it for?

These sessions are for everyone interested in learning more about personal and professional wellbeing, as well as anyone working in a museum or gallery looking for more information and key stats from Art Fund’s wellbeing research to support their own activity and programming.

Download Art Fund’s wellbeing report

Sessions in the Wellbeing Pod will be run by Art Fund, Creative Freedom and Sebastian Cater.

Impact Marketing Pod

Rethink How You Use Print, Promotions and Video

Get expert advice on how best to use Print, Promotions and Video in your marketing campaigns.

This is a combination of group and one-on-one sessions led by industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience. The sessions will be divided by service to offer you the opportunity to focus on your area of interest.

Impact Marketing will also share their experience of working in the arts for 25 years with clients such as the National Theatre, Sadler’s Wells and Tower Bridge.

What will I gain?

  • How to think strategically about print distribution
  • How to plan and create successful video content
  • How to create memorable interactive experiences for your audience
  • How best to connect with audiences with Print, People and Digital

Who is it for?

This is for Marketing Managers who are looking to improve or increase their use of Print, Promotions and/or Video in their marketing campaigns.

About Impact Marketing

For 25 years Impact Marketing has generated audiences for arts events and attractions through specialist marketing services, focused on London and the South East. We are a skilled team of people that work with passion and creativity to help you engage your audience.


Supercool Pod

How accessible is your website? —  Find out how easy your website is to use and what you can do to improve accessibility

An accessible website isn’t just about ticking boxes. Our eyes begin to deteriorate from the age of 40. So your website needs to be accessible for users, whether they use assistive devices or not.

Offering 20 minutes consultancy sessions, Supercool will be focusing on the practicalities of using your organisation’s website, whether that’s with assistive devices, browser plug ins or other tools.

Ahead of your session Supercool will review your organisation’s current website, focusing on three areas:

  1. How accessible is your code?
  2. How accessible is the content on your website?
  3. Easy ways to make the biggest improvements

They’ll collate their findings into a report, which will include some quick wins and longer term actions. During your session you’ll talk through these and have any questions you have answered.

What will I gain?

  • An accessibility review of your organisation’s current website
  • Useful takeaways and actions that are relevant to you
  • An opportunity to ask questions about what makes a website accessible

Who is it for?

This session is for anyone who is involved in your organisation’s website. This could be someone with strategic overview of the site, or someone who manages the site day to day. You’re welcome to bring more than one person from your organisation to the session.

You’ll have a written review you can take away afterwards which you can share with colleagues back at the office.


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