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Conference 2021 Theme

Change for Good

Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, Brexit, Climate Change. Our sector and our roles are affected by so many factors, and ‘normal’ has changed for good. Arts marketing has always been fast-moving, and now is the time to take a breath, focus on what’s worth doing, what’s making a difference, and what we want to change.

AMA Conference 2021 brings you that opportunity.


Our theme is reflected in the content of our conference.

Key topics which you’ll be hearing about include:

  • Core marketing
  • Content and planning
  • Audience behaviour
  • Rebuilding & retaining audiences
  • Career progression and leadership
  • Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity
  • Future trends
  • Wellbeing

We’re changing things up with our new online format. Because we’re online you have the freedom to get involved in the conference in whatever way works for you. In a packed programme you’ll hear from your peers, experts, you’ll meet people, watch, listen and take part.

2021 has been a different kind of year, so we’re bringing you a different kind of AMA Conference.