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Conference 2021 Sponsors


Our sponsors are drawn from organisations who add value to the arts, culture and heritage sector with their services and products. Their support helps make the AMA Conference possible.

Most of our packages are now sold, but if you’re interested in supporting or exhibiting at the AMA Conference 2021 we have booth and video message options available.

Meet our sponsors

Below you can find out more about this year’s sponsors and discover what ‘Change for Good’ means to them.

Plus, you can access some of their useful resources.


Art Fund is the national fundraising charity for art. It provides millions of pounds every year to help museums to acquire and share works of art across the UK, further the professional development of their curators, and inspire more people to visit and enjoy their public programmes.

Alongside grant giving programmes, Art Fund supports museum to reach new audiences and generate income — by promoting partners across their channels and on its digital products, Art Happens, a crowdfunding platform and Art Tickets, a ticketing system designed for museums by museums, both are free to use.

Art Fund is independently funded, supported by the 159,000 members who buy the National Art Pass, who enjoy free entry to over 240 museums, galleries and historic places, 50% off major exhibitions, and receive Art Quarterly magazine.

What 'change' means to Art Fund:

“It goes without saying that the pandemic has been a challenging time for our sector. It has also created some opportunities in how we engage with our audiences online, creating a disruption in how we show our collections and spaces making what we do more accessible and with an increased need to fundraise and think about ticketing solutions.

At Art Fund the way we support museums has changed with these needs — from our funding and fundraising support to our ticketing system. We are now working with museums to harness data from ticketing, which has been seen as a pandemic necessity, into invaluable insights to feed into business and marketing strategies.”

Resource: Results from the Covid-19 survey of museum directors

The results of Art Fund’s survey of museum directors has shown that a new model for the museum has emerged from the pandemic. Now, the physical space of a museum is no longer dominant and instead the museum is divided into three: on-site, online and out in the community.

PatronBase Logo

PatronBase provides software, innovation, and expertise to manage and run events.

Arts organisations use our arts management software to help build, understand and sustain their audience. These organisations are inherently creative in how they operate, reflecting their specific talents, facilities, and the community they serve.

Our products can be found from event marketing and ticketing through membership and venue management to loyalty, fundraising and even public wi-fi. This range of features is available with a flexible pricing model that is highly competitive.

The tools we provide embrace this individuality, with the flexibility and responsiveness to work with you to reflect your unique situation and creative vision. As well as theatres, art centres, and concert halls, our software is used to help schools, art galleries, sporting venues, universities and places of worship plan and manage their events.

PatronBase. Build an audience your way.

What 'change' means to PatronBase:

“The sector has had a challenging time and everyone has had to embrace changes affecting us all. The way people have responded, to become more adaptable and agile in their ways of working has been inspiring, and that change is one we hope to see stick. We aim to support that in the tools we provide, making sure change at short notice is something we can all take in our stride.”

Resource: PatronBase share Trends and Tips for Venues Re-Opening after Lockdown


AMA’s Amy spoke to Ed Lee, Partnership Development Manager at PatronBase, about trends and opportunities he’s seeing around re-opening in the UK.

With over 25 years of experience in ticketing, venue and operational management, Ed’s got a thorough insight into what venues need and want. In this article, he shares some of his tips and observations about what’s currently trending.

At Spektrix we are proud to work with over 500+ cultural organisations in the UK, Ireland, Canada and the United States, learning, listening, and developing new features and partnerships to help support the sector.

Over the last year, that’s meant adapting to the changing needs of arts marketers and fundraisers, with integrated streaming capabilities and socially distanced seating, a new programme of virtual events and best practice resources, and a new commitment to making Spektrix a driver of social change.

Yet our core offer remains unchanged: the organisations we work with will always have access to robust, cloud based technology and unlimited support and consultation to help them continue to grow and plan for the future.

What 'change' means to Spektrix:

“We believe that the world, our audiences and the culture we share is always evolving. And we believe that evolution brings opportunity.

Throughout the last year we’ve seen people and organisations across the sector chart new courses, make bold decisions and spark lasting change with little time to prepare.

As we look to the future where we come together again, change offers a space to keep challenging ourselves to build a stronger, more inclusive sector, to increase income and impact, and to prepare ourselves to face the next great change together.”

Resource: Building Blocks for Re-opening


The Spektrix ‘Building Blocks for Reopening’ takes arts administrative professionals through CRM strategies for bringing audiences and donors back to live events and growing those relationships after reopening.

We are Tessitura, a not-for-profit tech company dedicated to helping arts and cultural organisations thrive.

CRM lies at the heart of our mission and our technology platform. Ticketing works hand-in-hand with fundraising, membership, marketing, education, and front of house. Intuitive tools turn data into action. And features like timed admission, integrated streaming, and contactless scanning help build a sustainable future. With Tessitura, organisations can achieve their goals with ease.

We’ve supported over 730 organisations worldwide to change for good with 24/7 support and expert guidance to grow revenue and engagement.

We’re proud to continue our partnership with the AMA to ensure that together we can support the sector. We believe we can learn from and challenge one another to effect real change so that the organisations that closed in March 2020 can rebuild into brighter and better futures for all.

What 'change' means to Tessitura:

“We are working toward a day when every human in every community we serve has arts and culture as a meaningful part of their life. That is the change for good we wish to see.

We know that arts and culture can effect real change. For that to happen, the sector needs sustainable recovery, not quick fixes. We need to continue to invest in equity, resilience, efficiencies and the right tools to support that. Tools that are built for you, not for profit.”

Resource: Free ticketing, new opportunities. How Science Museum Group grew engagement and enhanced the visitor experience.


With Covid-19 restrictions in place, museums and galleries turned to timed ticketing for all visitors to ensure safe access. Free ticketing is a big operational change from an open-door model. Is it a potential barrier? Or could free ticketing be something that sticks as we look to sustainable recovery for the sector?

Read about the advantage that Science Museum Group discovered by embracing that change and what it meant for their customer journey and data insight.

Working with over 300 organisations across the UK and Ireland, our solution is built upon the latest technology to help grow ticketing, fundraising, marketing and CRM across your entire organisation. Creative industries are constantly changing—as is technology. Championing the arts through thought leadership, extensive support and industry collaborations, for over 14 years we have closely collaborated with members of the Ticketsolve Community including Venue Cymru, Regent Theatre Ipswich, and Farnham Maltings.

Ticketsolve has successfully grown as an industry leader in the UK and Ireland by encompassing an adaptive and flexible system. Always here to lend a hand, our team of industry experts are passionate about the sector and the creative people driving it. Understanding the balance between a data-driven and a creative mindset, Ticketsolve is much more than Ticketing. Our passion for our customers and innovative thinking drives us to deliver solutions which deliver meaningful results.

What 'change' means to Ticketsolve:

“We’ve seen an incredible push for change in many meaningful ways across the arts, culture and heritage sectors since March 2020.

By sharing our learnings and experiences, it’s time to re-imagine what our sector can become by working together and continuing to break down barriers.

Keep feeling inspired to make change, feel brave to test and trial new things, and keep encouraging collaboration.

We’re all in this together and we all want to see a change for good!”

Resource: Komedia Brighton Case Study


Komedia is Brighton’s premier live entertainment venue presenting one of the largest, most diverse arts and entertainment programmes in the UK. After a year of closure, Komedia came back blazing with a six-week-long socially distanced programme of comedy, music, and kids shows.

This case study takes you through the reopening journey of Komedia Brighton and how their team are working around the challenges of social distancing and reduced capacities.

AMA Conference 2021 sponsor logos: Art Fund, PatronBase, Spektrix, Tessitura and Ticketsolve