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Conference 2021 Speaker submissions

Speaker Submissions

Speaker Submissions are now open – apply before June 28th

Change For Good will bring together hundreds of marketers from across the arts & culture sector to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their work, connect with one another and feel inspired to keep making change.   

We want to share learning across this community and this is your chance to get involved in one of three ways, from 5 minute lightning talks to 30 minute presentations.

If you work in a theatre, an arts centre, gallery, museum, venue, concert hall, or for a touring company, in a role relating to marketing, communications or otherwise engaging and developing audiences, this is your opportunity to shine a light on your experience.

If you work in another sort of organisation, such as a sector support organisation or an agency, we have other opportunities you may be interested in – please contact Ciara Harris for details.

Applications close at noon on June 28th.


Types of Session

There are three types of session you can choose to get involved with. If you have specific questions, please email Lucy Jamieson, AMA Head of Programme.

Live Talks

These will focus on a project, a campaign, or another area of your work. The aim is to share experiences and learning, peer to peer. These sessions will follow the structure of 30 mins talk followed by 10 or 15 mins of questions. The talk could be you alone or you and a colleague or colleagues. It will include slides or other visual cues.

We are looking for people at different stages in their career to speak about:

  • Audience behaviour and what you’ve seen change over the last year
  • How you’ve gone about rebuilding & retaining audiences
  • Digital trends
  • The core principles of marketing and what’s changed
  • Managing your team or a project through change
  • Your work on EDI, particularly around anti-racism and social justice
  • Your work relating to climate issues
  • Making the most of limited resources
  • How you’re looking after yourself

Pre-Recorded Talk (plus live Q&A)

This will focus on your experience on a particular topic, as suggested below. It will be about 20 mins long, recorded by you, probably on your phone. We would like to see you in your natural habitat; you might be taking us on a tour of your venue, you might be going for a walk in your local park, or you might be recording from your kitchen / office. Wherever you film, the aim is to get something that captures you and is more personal than a presentation. You will then be available for a live 10 min Q&A session following the broadcast slot. No slides needed.

We would like to hear your ideas on the following:

  • The biggest changes the past 18 months have brought for your work. This could be one person speaking for around 20 mins, or two shorter, 10 minute pieces. We’d like to hear from you whatever your career stage.
  • Your journey from Marketer to CEO/Dir/AD. We would like to hear from you if you’ve made this journey.
  • Wellbeing
  • Your EDI work or journey
  • What you’re most positively anticipating in 2022

Here’s a useful guide for recording film on your phone.

Lightning Talks

We would ask you to speak for around 5 mins on a particular topic. We will curate the overall session, which will be live. No slides needed.

We would like to hear you share on the following:

  • The mistakes we made (and how we fixed them). Tell us about something you tried that just plain failed, and what you learned from it. It could be on any area of your work.
  • How you’re looking after yourself. Are you pushing back on demands? Are you building in time to work on projects that give you joy? Finding ways to share the load with colleagues? Team quizzes? Something else entirely?

We’ll review all submissions, and get back to you after the closing date of noon on June 28th to let you know if you have been successful or not. Where submissions come from people who are working in arts and cultural organisations on a salaried basis, we don’t offer any payment, but if you are a freelancer in an unsalaried role, we will make a contribution towards your time if your submission is successful.