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Whilst we all love meeting in person, sometimes we just can’t make the trip. That’s why we’re bringing some of AMA Conference 2024 to you.

This year we’re taking a bold leap, transforming our former Digital Ticket to Conference Online.

This improved offer** brings the best AMA Conference sessions to your computer screen, at a time that suits you, and includes:

  • 16 sessions live streamed from Brighton
  • 5 exclusive live online sessions, with a speaker available to answer your questions
  • Recordings of all these sessions, available to watch at a time that suits you until 30 August 2024
  • Totals over 14 hours of content

** AMA Conference 2023 Digital ticket provided access to 10 Conference live streamed sessions, plus their recordings and no interactive live sessions.


Please note: to ensure delegates have all the needed information prior to Conference, we will be closing bookings on Monday 1 July at 12pm.

Standard Member rate:

£170 + VAT

Group Member rate for
2 — 4 people:

£340 + VAT

Small Organisation, Freelance & Between Jobs Member rate:

£85 + VAT

Non-member rate:

£230 + VAT

Please note: Small Organisations are classed as those that have 10 or fewer employees and either less than £632,000 annual turnover, OR £316,000 or less on its balance sheet  (a.k.a. what HMRC calls a ‘micro-entity’).

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Included Sessions

Conference Online offers you the choice of 22 sessions, spread across the main days of AMA Conference 2024. These sessions include:

  • All 4 Keynotes live streamed from Brighton
  • A choice of 6 Breakout sessions each day, live streamed from Brighton (2 per time block)
  • A choice of 3 exclusive live online sessions each day

Our exclusive live online sessions are a new feature for Conference Online. Similar to our webinars, they will feature a live speaker that you can interact with and ask questions of, plus a chat function that enables you to talk to other Conference Online attendees.

We’ll be announcing the details of the included sessions over the coming weeks, as we move closer to AMA Conference 2024.

In our Opening Keynote, Rikki will share his own experiences, encourage us to celebrate our own potential, and see that what we think will hold us back is what can actually propel us forward.

It’s never too late to reinvent, rethink, evolve and change; recapturing that fearless, unselfconscious infant and letting go of fear and self-limitation. 

This Keynote is suitable for all delegates.

Rikki Beadle-Blair
Writer, Director, Composer, Choreographer & Producer

Laurence Clark is a stand-up comedian turned playwright and screenwriter who has cerebral palsy. When he started performing over 20 years ago, he was innovative and radical, bringing his lived experience of being disabled to audiences in a funny and entertaining way. But, as his career progressed, he was advised to tone down what he was doing and focus less and less on disability.

In our Closing Keynote, Laurence will share why he eventually rejected this approach, realising that audiences are drawn to stories about people who are different to them, and nowadays uses his lived experience in his writing. 

This Keynote is suitable for all delegates.

Laurence Clark
Playwright & Screenwriter

In our day two Opening Keynote, Anna Cornelius and E-J Scott will discuss how institutions and communities can work together to prepare more thoughtful and inclusive comms. 

They’ll speak about the campaign for ‘The Cult of Beauty’ exhibition and incorporating ‘Trans-Inclusive Culture: Guidance on advancing trans inclusion for museums, galleries, archives and heritage organisations’. They’ll share practical advice on applying the guidance’s ethical framework and the potential it has to set higher equality, diversity and inclusion standards for all. And they’ll talk frankly about the real-life impact it’s had on the work and wellbeing of the team and community collaborators.

This Keynote is suitable for all delegates.

Anna Cornelius
Head of Communications & Marketing, Wellcome Collection

E-J Scott
Curator, Museum of Transology

Attention Economy — insights on media consumption

In an attention economy where every second holds value, the competition for visibility has transformed. From the hottest streaming shows to breaking news stories and the latest TikTok challenges, they’re all fighting for attention.

In a world where audiences feel inundated by advertising, and marketing budgets contend with escalating media costs, understanding the evolving patterns of media consumption across generations becomes paramount for arts organisations seeking to reach both new and existing audiences

In this session will show how Dewynters utilises audience insights to discern the most effective media channels for campaigns. 

  • An understanding of how media consumptions vary by demographics
  • An overview of how advertising agencies approach audience segmentations 
  • Tips on how audience segmentations can be used to enhance campaign planning 

Intermediate — suits delegates with some knowledge of the topic covered.  

Nicolle Cannock
Head of Insights, Dewynters

This session is sponsored by Dewynters

dewynters logo

Think Big, Start Small — how to incorporate automation into your work

As AI and smart devices spread into every area of our lives, it’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind if you’re not automating something. At the same time, automation often seems like a daunting technical undertaking, beyond the means of small arts teams stretched for time and money. This session will dispel both these myths!

Through case studies of recent automation projects, we’ll look at when you should be automating things, and when you shouldn’t. We’ll also explore how simple and cost-effective automation projects can be — and how you can implement basic automation without any technical work required.

  • A set of clear principles for deciding when it’s a good idea to explore automation
  • An understanding of what automation really means
  • Some takeaway tools and templates you can use to automate things at your own organisation

This session covers the basics and will suit everyone.

Andrew Ladd
Senior Product Strategist, Arts and Culture, Ten4 Design

This session is sponsored by Ten4 Design

Ten4 Design logo

Brave Audiences — what we know about risk taking and current trends

In this session, Oliver Mantell will take you through some new and exclusive insights on audience trends and the digital habits of different audience groups from The Audience Agency’s Cultural Participation Monitor.

You’ll learn about audiences’ appetite for risk, and what you need to know for brave audience development. 

  • Insight into audience attitudes
  • How those vary for different audience types 
  • Ways to apply that knowledge to your audience development work 

Intermediate — suits delegates with some knowledge of the topic covered.  

Oliver Mantell
Director of Evidence & Insight, The Audience Agency

This session is supported by
The Audience Agency

The Audience Agency Logo

Mastering Google Grants

Unlock the full potential of your Google Grant with actionable insights from arts and culture marketing experts, Altair Media.

This session will reveal how strategic Grant management can drive substantial business effect without overwhelming your marketing budget.

Learn practical approaches for elevating your Grant account from a background channel to a primary business effect driver. Gain insights into why tactical Grant management is crucial, and discover how applying best-in-class Search capabilities can increase your Grant performance.

  • Valuable insight into how effective Grant management can drive business effect
  • Practical tips and strategies for maximising the effectiveness of your Google Grant account
  • Advice on how prioritised management can lead to significant growth

This session covers the basics and will suit everyone.

Lyndsey Best
Director, Altair Media

Dan Simms
Head of Media, Altair Media

This session is sponsored by
Altair Media

Altair Media logo

Conference Online Speakers

Rikki Beadle-Blair, Writer, Director, Composer, Choreographer & Producer

Headshot of Rikki Beadle-Blair

Session title: Be Bold, Be Brave

Having written and directed 40 plays over the last 20 years along with several feature films, shorts and tv episodes and TV series, Rikki Beadle-Blair has several awards including the Sony Award, the Los Angeles Outfest Screenwriting and Outstanding Achievement awards the London Film Festival Audience award Best Film at Soho shorts plus both a MBE for contributions to drama and an honorary doctor of letters from the University of Warwick. 

Laurence Clark
Playwright & Screenwriter

Headshot of Laurence Clark

Session title: Marketing Difference

Over the last five years, Laurence has built on his work as writer, performer and award-winning stand-up comedian to become a screenwriter and playwright. He was selected for 4screenwriting, BBC Writersroom Writers Access Group and won the UKTV Triforce Writerslam. His comedy pilot Perfect was broadcast in August 2022 and his first play, Cured, won an Unlimited R&D commission and will hopefully be produced in 2025. He is also currently co-writing a screenplay with Jack Thorne. 

Anna Cornelius, Head of Communications & Marketing
Wellcome Collection

Headshot of Anna Cornelius

Session title: Taking Care — ethical comms in the culture wars

Anna is Head of Communications and Marketing for Wellcome Collection, London’s free museum and library dedicated to health and human experience. She spends a lot of time thinking about what it really means to make the arts accessible for everyone. She’s disabled but can pass as non-disabled. Anna previously worked for Tate, the National Galleries of Scotland and Artichoke Trust, and she’s also a trustee for Bishopsgate Institute and Headlong Theatre.  

Andrew Ladd, Senior Product Strategist,
Ten4 Design

Andrew Ladd Headshot

Session title: Think Big, Start Small — how to incorporate automation into your work

Andrew’s first job in the arts was a summer box office role at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2005. Since then he’s worked in a variety of other places, including Head of Ticketing for Underbelly Ltd and Sales Director in the Box Office and Ticketing team at the marketing agency AKA. Now a senior project strategist at Ten4 Design, Andrew uses that experience to lead digital projects for arts organisations from initial proposal through to launch, ensuring a finished product thatmeets the organisation’s internal goals while also providing a great experience for users. 

Oliver Mantell, Evidence and Insight Team Lead
The Audience Agency

Oliver Mantell headshot

Session title: Brave Audiences — what we know about risk taking and current trends

Oliver leads the Evidence and Insight team at The Audience Agency, providing insights into cultural audiences to support colleagues and the wider sector. 

Oliver has worked at The Audience Agency for ten years: previously he worked as a freelance arts research consultant and in similar roles at a regional audience development agency in Yorkshire. 

Nicolle Cannock, Head of Insights

Headshot of Nicolle Cannock

Session title: Attention Economy — insights on media consumption

Nicolle’s career in ticketing started as a box office assistant at the Leicester Square Box Office in 2010, where her passion for finding the right audience for the right production began. After 3 years at See Tickets, she moved to Dewynters taking on the role of Sales and Ticketing Development Manager. Her passion for data, audiences and consumer behaviour led her to establishing the Insights department in 2021. 

Lyndsey Best, Director
Altair Media

Headshot of Lyndsey Best

Session title: Mastering Google Grants

Lyndsey, Director and co-founder of Altair Media, has revolutionised the media industry with an unwavering commitment to genuine business impact for clients. Altair Media, under her leadership, is renowned for innovative strategies and outstanding results. Lyndsey’s excellence is recognised in the “Top 100 Most Influential People in Digital” list.

Dan Simms, Head of Media
Altair Media

Headshot of Dan Simms

Session title: Mastering Google Grants

Dan is the Head of Media at Altair, having worked in digital marketing for 10 years. He started in social media in the world of sports before branching out into the wider digital landscape in an agency environment, and has extensive experience working with Google Grant accounts for the multitude of cultural and charitable organisations that Altair partners with.

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