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Conference 2021 Exhibition


At AMA Conference 2021, in addition to our programmed sessions you can explore, chat and learn more in our packed exhibition area at any time during Conference.

The exhibition booths will allow you to dip in and find out more about each organisation. Plus you can take part in special ‘Go Live’ sessions or have a One-2-One with a Digital Culture Network Tech Champion.

‘Go Live’ sessions — drop in and join

Art Fund Logo

Art Fund Catch Up

Art Fund have invited their partner museums for a lunchtime catch up with Howard Buckley and Merrin Kalinowski, to hear about what’s coming up and how Art Fund can support them.

Digital Culture Network Logo

SEO Top Tips

Join Hansel McKoy and Roberta Beattie, Digital Culture Network Tech Champions for SEO/SEM and Websites to learn how to drive more traffic to your website through search.

Storytelling with Data

Join James Akers, Digital Culture Network Tech Champion for Data Analytics and Insight as he shares some practical tips to bring your data to life.

Spektrix logo

Introduction to Spektrix — increasing audience engagement

Join a mini-demonstration of the Spektrix system, showing how their segmentation and reporting tools can help you understand customer behaviour and incentivise engagement.

Substrakt logo

What are Successful Cultural Organisations Doing Right with their Digital Activity?

This talk takes a deep dive into some of the best digital work Substrakt have seen throughout the pandemic.

They’ll explore the common themes, principles and conditions within which digitally successful organisations are working, broadly being:

  • They are curious and unafraid of change
  • Digital isn’t the starting point for their digital activity
  • They’re asking the right questions about audience, value, mission, purpose and reach
  • They acknowledge that the best digital projects transcend traditional organisational structures
  • They identify the gaps and source expert help
  • They have digitally literate leadership
Supercool Logo

Using ‘Page Weight’ to Reduce your Website’s Carbon Footprint

The amount — and types — of content on every page of your website directly impacts its carbon footprint. The heavier a web page, the higher its carbon footprint. Knowing how to measure ‘page weight’ will help you to decide when to cut back on content — keeping your website leaner and greener.

Demystifying Sustainable Website Hosting

In this short ‘Go Live’ session Supercool will introduce you to what ‘sustainable hosting’ means, what it’s useful to consider, and give you the terminology to help you discuss sustainable hosting with your web developers.

Ticketsolve logo

Get to Know the New Look Ticketsolve

The new look Ticketsolve is built on the latest technology and is the biggest update within the Ticketing industry. More intuitive than ever before, come and take a peek in their live snapshot sessions. Meet the team, get to see the system, and understand how Ticketsolve works for their user-community.

One-2-Ones — book in advance

Digital Culture Network Logo

The Digital Culture Network Tech Champions will be holding One-2-Ones throughout both days of the Conference. Delegates will be sent an email with a link to a booking form to sign up for a slot in early October.

Exhibition booths — open throughout Conference

Visit our booth at the AMA conference to:

  • Get a first look at Baker Richards’ latest software development, providing insight from sales data and enabling informed dynamic pricing decisions.
  • Chat to Baker Richards consultants about any key concerns your organisation has at present
  • Sign up to be the first to know about the product release
Digital Culture Network Logo

Visit our booth at the AMA conference to:

  • Discuss your organisation’s digital ambitions
  • Tap into the Tech Champions’ digital expertise
  • Find out how the Digital Culture Network can support you further
PatronBase Logo

Visit our booth at the AMA conference to:

  • Find out how PatronBase can help your organisation meet its goals
  • Request a demonstration of the PatronBase system
  • Have your questions answered via their dedicated chat

Baker Richards is a leading international provider of consulting services and software for the cultural sector.

Our data-driven consulting, research and analysis services underpin the creation of bespoke practical strategy, and our software products ensure you always have the insight you need at your fingertips.

Arts Council England’s Digital Culture Network provides practical, on the ground help to develop the digital skills of the arts and culture sector.

The Network offers direct one-to-one support for organisations in receipt of — or eligible for — Arts Council England funding, as well as a series of events, webinars and an online resource bank which are accessible to everyone.

The Network’s Tech Champions have specialist backgrounds in a number of digital specialisms, ranging from social media and website design to digital strategy and data analytics.

PatronBase provides software, innovation and expertise to manage and run events.

We go beyond ticketing, providing a flexible and holistic range of software with the expertise to help you make the most of it, to help you build and sustain your audience.

Our products can be found from event marketing and ticketing through membership and venue management to loyalty, fundraising and even public wifi. This range of features is available with a flexible pricing model that is highly competitive. PatronBase.

Build an audience your way.

Secure My Booking logo

Are you looking to bring back customer confidence in advance booking? Looking to bring in extra revenues while enhancing your customer service? We work with over 120 theatres that partner with us to offer our leading ticket refund protection. Drop by for a chat and find out why so many arts marketing and sales leaders choose to partner with Secure My Booking.

Spektrix logo

Visit our booth at the AMA conference to:

  • There’s no new normal. Visit us to explore how technology can help you thrive in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.
  • Chat to Spektrix experts about ways to achieve your ambitions for your audiences and teams, no matter what CRM system you’re using.
  • Explore our work for social change, from becoming a B Corp to DEI and more inclusive recruitment journeys.
Substrakt logo

Visit our booth at the AMA conference to:

  • Hear our perspectives on the attributes and characteristics of digitally successful organisations, gained through our work with 70+ cultural organisations
  • Discuss the exciting opportunities that we believe digital can offer the sector
  • Understand more about the best digital work we’ve seen throughout the pandemic

Working with over 120 theatres in the UK to bring back customer confidence to booking in advance.

No other provider offers the breadth of cover with a scheme created just for arts & entertainment venues Our inhouse customer service and refund team understand the arts and it’s patrons.

Spektrix combines comprehensive CRM technology with the digital expertise, cultural sector insight and collaborative consultancy to help you build audience relationships that last and grow. Our powerful segmentation and reporting tools are trusted by hundreds of organisations like yours.

Substrakt is a digital agency specialising in the Arts and Culture sector. We partner with cultural organisations around the world to deliver work that gives everyone simple and immediate access to inspiration, discovery and joy through cultural experiences.

We design and build websites and digital products alongside providing strategic consultancy, training and support services. Our work matches elegant design with carefully considered technical solutions to create meaningful connections between cultural organisations and their audiences.

Supercool Logo

Visit our booth at the AMA conference to:

  • Practical, quick-wins you can do right now to start reducing your digital carbon footprint
  • Ideas for longer-term digital sustainability — including a Sustainability Pledge template
  • Handy, bookmarkable resources
The Audience Agency logo

Visit our booth at the AMA conference to:

  • Ask us any questions via the chat function at the booth
  • Check out the latest audience data insights
  • Access our guides and toolkits
Ten4 logo

Visit our booth at the AMA conference to:

  • To pick our brains about any digital challenges you’re having, or schedule a free consultation for another day
  • To learn more about our services, including DonateFlow, our white-labelled platform for taking online donations
  • To tell us about the best show you’ve seen this year, digital or in person

Hello, we’re Supercool. We combine design, tech, and data to make life easier for arts and cultural organisations — and your audiences.

Since 2004 we’ve been collaborating with forward-thinking clients on websites, digital strategy, and consultancy. Our smart solutions — coupled with a proactive approach to ongoing support — improve your long-term resilience by helping you to increase revenue and get closer to audiences.

(We also plant trees.)

We’re an audience development agency conducting research and consultancy for the cultural sector, via Audience Finder — come and check out our booth to find our latest resources to help you understand your audience and for tips on how to use our insights in your every day work.

Founded in 2001, Ten4 is a boutique, web-focused company — deliberately. We believe a small, integrated organisation works more efficiently for you, because the whole agency is immersed in your audience, your needs, and your objectives.

Our process is research-driven and user-focused, and our reputation for exceptional work has attracted clients worldwide. We’re proud to say that many of them are still with us, some after more than a decade, and they’re still working with the same project teams they started with.

Ticketsolve logo

Visit our booth at the AMA conference to:

  • Get a copy of our latest toolkits, case studies, and whitepapers. Make sure you don’t miss us hosting
  • Join ‘Go Live’ Sessions where you can gain a deeper insight into our system and an understanding of the Ticketsolve Community
  • Join a Ticketsolve Discussion Table where we’ll be chatting in greater detail about some of the learnings from our session, Reacting to the Rebound
TixTrack logo

Visit our booth at the AMA conference to:

  • To meet the team and chat to them in a live 1-2-1 session
  • To find out how TixTrack could add value to your organisation with our innovative ticketing system
  • To find out more about our plans for the future

Ticketsolve: Supporting arts, heritage, and cultural organisations every step of the way!

Working with over 320 organisations in the UK and Ireland, our box office is built upon the latest technology to help grow ticketing, fundraising, marketing and CRM across your entire organisation.

Always here to lend a hand, our team of industry experts are passionate about the sector and the creative people driving it. Understanding the balance between a data-driven and a creative mindset, Ticketsolve is much more than ticketing. We partner with our customers and support their objectives, working hard with them to achieve their goals.

We are TixTrack. We provide ticketing software that you and your customers will love. Your customers will experience a world class purchase journey on mobile and desktop resulting in enhanced conversion rates. You can take control of your brand and your customers. Your staff can create new events in a snap, even for complex reserved seating or timed entry events. And TixTrack’s modern cloud based and API forward software guarantees that you will always have the best technology for your organisation, especially with ever growing privacy and security concerns.

AMA Conference 2021 sponsor logos: Art Fund, PatronBase, Spektrix, Tessitura and Ticketsolve