The AMA Conference is a special place to be…

The AMA Conference is for all levels, whether you’re well-established in marketing, communications and audience development or just starting out.

Our sessions are put together to reflect current challenges, to highlight case studies, and inspire new ways of rising to the challenges.

By bringing people together in the only event of its kind, we help motivate, upskill and support you to make a difference in your work.

Sairah Rehman: I think the great thing about the AMA conference is that you get a lot from it, regardless of the stage you’re at in your career. There’s just, for like marketing assistants, but then also going straight the way through to, sort of, like directors, executives, that kind of thing. So it means that every time you come you learn something new and it sort of you grow with it in terms of your career.


There is so much to learn and share at the AMA Conference. It’s a brilliant chance to be inspired by the amazing work that marketers are doing, from small scale to large. It’s also a great opportunity to talk to others and feel connected to the collective work that we do. Well done all of us! 

Rebecca Farkas, Freelance

One of the best conferences I’ve attended — the speakers were genuinely engaging, not just reading off PowerPoint slides and sessions were true to their titles, rather than misleading or confusing.

Polly Allen, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

The conference provides a sense of belonging — everyone there has a similar attitude — very positive. There is a feeling of going back to work reinvigorated about our role in an arts organisation. 

Helen Macdonald, Scottish Opera

The AMA Conference is hands down the best way to meet and connect in the industry 

Susannah Shepherd, Rambert

It was my first conference, and being new to the sector I felt inspired and really excited to be in the room. I felt welcomed by every person I met and I learnt so much. 

Being surrounded by inspiring, passionate people who love what they do is the best way to learn and get excited about your job. As a brand new arts professional it cemented for me that I’m in the right place. 

Ella Bumby, Lawrence Batley Theatre

Our organisation doesn’t have a marketing team and having the chance to learn from bigger organisations is a brilliant opportunity. It’s good for us to dip into areas we’re not so familiar with. 

Lyndsey Wilson, Spot On Lancashire

Don’t just take our word for it…

It’s not easy to sum up the AMA Conference in three words. But you can get a flavour of what the event is about by hearing what our delegates have to say about it.

It’s an event designed to inspire new thinking, spark creativity, and build connections – linking ideas, strategies and approaches, as well as person-to-person.

You’ll leave with a new zest to take back to the office – it’s well worth making the time to immerse yourself at AMA Conference.

Speaker 1: If I had to sum it up in a few words, I would definitely say inspiring is my number one, motivating and positive.
Speaker 1: Energising innovative and friendly!
Speaker 1: Exciting, accessible and innovative.


Thinking about coming?

Hear Georgette Donoghue on why she prioritises attending the AMA conference

I really can’t fault it. It’s, it’s so worth prioritising in your working year to do that to refresh to reconnect to meet all the amazing people. It’s, it’s something that I think everybody should really prioritise and certainly I will be doing going forward.

Corey Bullock talks about his experiences as a first-time delegate at the AMA conference

I think for me as a first time attendee it’s been such an incredible experience to be able to
and visit another city, and go to another amazing venue. I’d definitely definitely encourage anyone that’s thinking about attending for the first time do it

Stephen Coetzee shares what he finds fantastic about AMA Conference.

I’ve only been six months in arts marketing positions. So having the opportunity to meet people, not just from theatres, but from other cultural institutions and finding out what they’re doing and comparing experiences as well, and knowing that you’re not alone with some situations – I think that’s been fantastic.

What more could you want?

There’s something special that happens when we are inspired collectively, when we laugh together, when we all go “Yes, that’s exactly it!” At the same time. Keynotes provide that. They are the sessions I never take notes in, but I learn and grow through absorption. Stellar moments. It’s been a while. 

Kate Lineker, De La Warr Pavillion

From the AMA Conference I’m taking with me: a sense of pride (everyone found the last two years hard work and the conference has been a place to reflect on how we have excelled in adaptability and creativity), a sense of excitement, (the pandemic has changed everything so everything is new again), a sense of comfort (everyone seems to be struggling with the same challenges), and a sense of adventure (it’s been a reminder to really just go for it, try new things and get experimental). 

It’s easy to just drown in the daily tasks. The conference has been a good reminder that we are not just people who sell tickets. We are storytellers, designers, video editors, market researchers, analysts, presenters, proofreaders, illustrators, copy writers… 

Laura Matthews, Cambridge Junction

Was fantastic to see representation from the disabled community. As an autistic/dyslexic person, this was lovely to see.

I enjoyed hearing audio descriptions, sign language, seeing deaf hosts, delegates in wheelchairs, it was a very accessible conference and you should be very proud of yourselves for making all the adaptive activity just a norm in the conference.

No big deal was made of it but it was just seen as a basic standard that others should strive to achieve. 

Jennifer Holland, Salford Museum and Art Gallery