Audiences at the Heart

Leeds, 13 — 14 July 2023

Audiences at the Heart

Leeds, 13 — 14 July 2023

As part of the AMA’s commitment to environmental sustainability, and our goal to reach net zero emissions through carbon reduction and responsible offsetting, we are working to make the AMA Conference as sustainable as possible through a number of different things.   


We’re using a venue that can support our environmental sustainability. Leeds Playhouse will be: 

  • Providing water fill-up stations throughout the event so that people can fill up reusable water bottles rather than relying on single use plastic 
  • Providing catering options that minimise waste by using local, seasonal produce 
  • Avoiding single-use items as much as possible, and using recyclable and biodegradable products when single-use is essential 
  • Providing free, public internet connection and power points across the building which enable delegates and speakers to go digital as often as possible, reducing the amount of paper products needed  

Event processes

We’re also making changes to our planning and event processes, including:  

  • Offering a fully vegetarian and vegan menu across the Conference, along with using seasonal and local produce to help lower the carbon footprint of the event 
  • Focusing our programme on UK-based speakers to limit international travel 
  • Working closely with our speakers to find digital and environmentally friendly solutions to things like session handouts and resources which would previously have been provided on paper  
  • Using as much digital signage as possible in the venue to reduce paper waste 
  • Creating guidelines and resources for our sponsors and exhibitors to support them in making their time at the Conference as sustainable as possible  
  • Providing a digital ticket option to make the Conference accessible to our members without the need to travel  


If you have any questions about any of our sustainability plans for the Conference, or if you have anything you would like to share about your own sustainability journey, please get in touch with Dani, our Head of Events and one of the AMA’s Green Champions:  

A yellow bicycle with a sign on its basket that reads 'Share More Consume Less'
A reusable drink container on a board next to a pastry

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