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16th October 2017 Rebecca Moore

Communication Automation #DMA

All That Fall - Samuel Beckett - Out of Joint - 4 March 2016

Mrs Rooney - Brid Brennan
Christie - Frank Laverty
Mr Tyler - Gary Lilburn
Mr Slocumb - Ciaran McIntyre
Tommy - Killian Burke
Mr Barrell - Frank Laverty
Miss Fitt - Tara Flynn
Mr Rooney - Gary Lilburn
Jerry - Tara Flynn

Writer - Samuel Beckett
Director - Max Stafford-Clark
Sound Designer - Dyfan Jones
Production Manager - Andy Reader
Stage Manager - Sally McKenna
Producer - Martin Derbyshire

Devon Smith, co-founder of Measure Creative and Digital Marketing Academy mentor offers tips for automating your emails to better connect with your audience. 

Everyone likes a little personalized attention. But we’re too busy to give a personal touch to everyone in our audience, right? Email automation campaigns (also sometime called drip campaigns) help solve this problem. These campaigns consist of a series of emails that can be sent to an audience member after a common situation occurs. Like a “welcome series” of emails for each new person who buys a ticket for the first time. Or a “re-engagement series” for each person who hasn’t opened one of your other emails for the past few months. Or an “abandoned cart” series for each person who starts the ticket purchase process on your website, but doesn’t complete their transaction.

You might already be doing something like this on a manual basis, but many email service providers have this automation capability built into their system. You write the email, define your triggers (if X happens, then send Y email to Z person), and then let the magic happen…over and over again, with no further input from you.

There’s a lot of great resources to help you get started understanding what email automations are and how to implement them effectively:

Don’t forget to add drip campaign principles to your email marketing strategy, alongside A/B testing, personalization, and segmentation of course!


Interested in exploring more about personalisation?
Check out Digital Marketing Day 2017 — Getting to Know You on Friday 1 December.


Header Image courtesy of Out of Joint © Robert Workman All That Fall
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