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16th January 2019 Jemma Green

Claire MacKay — 5 Things you won’t get at an AMA Digital Marketing Day

Claire Mackay | Marketing and Events Officer | The Touring Network 

I run Marketing and Events for The Touring Network, a membership organization in the Highlands & Islands and I have been asked to share my experiences of FUTURE NOW held at CCA Glasgow in December 2018 … so I’m going to give you a little breakdown of

5 things you WON’T find at an AMA Digital Marketing Day

  • Technology that doesn’t work – nothing worse than a digital marketing event showcasing best case studies with tech that doesn’t work.  I’m pleased to say AMA nailed it on this front. I liked the Slid.o app – a great way for a multi-venue conference audience to feel included via the live stream.  Its nice to see keynotes / conference leaders make this really work by engaging with this fluidly too.
  • Meat – being held at the CCA, the food was a top notch vegetarian affair… I even went for seconds (Eden Court and Fruitmarket Gallery can vouch for this)
  • Smushy “Networking” Efforts – Phew!  No “talking holding a stick and sharing your personal feelings” as way to “connect” with people.  I liked this didn’t happen.  I felt safe.  We all knew what we were there for and what we wanted to get out the day. (thanks to the advance delegate list and programme for helping us prepare for what we might expect from the day in advance)
  • Patronising Presentations – Small cultural organisation doesn’t necessarily mean irrelevant organisation and the presenters (which, may I add, were excellent; New York Library, National Theatre of Scotland and Google to name but a few) offered forward presentations / workshops that really spoke to us marketers from any sized organisation.  It seems we share a lot of common problems: finding our “voice”, embedding good work flows and internal systems and breaking through the internet noise!
  • Step by step guide in how to “go viral”– I mean, who doesn’t want this to happen? (in a positive-“shareable content”-way, as opposed to an-internet-finger-point-at-the-organisation-who-said-something-stupid-way) but I’ve had it confirmed there’s not a hard and fast way to achieve this.  Human voice, personal engagement, sense of humour, good solid content of course helps, but ultimately its down to try, learn, try, learn again.

As a new member of the AMA, and bursary holder, I found FUTURE NOW a really useful way to engage with marketing trends in cultural organisations and I’ve come away with a fresh outlook on my role and what I can achieve for The Touring Network.