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16th January 2019 Jemma Green

Cat Reilly — Why did a fat sheep go viral? And other important questions

Cat Reilly | Marketing Manager | PACE Theatre Limited

I wanted to attend the AMA’s Digital Marketing Day 2018 — Future Now because I’ve recently taken on a newly-created marketing role within my organisation and since arriving my priorities have been very much about defining what the organisation is, what our message is and who our audience are. As a youth-focused arts organisation, we believe it is particularly important to keep up to date with digital advances and so that was what made this day particularly attractive to me.

The mix of blue-sky thinking and practical case studies has, for me, always been the best thing about AMA events. It was really inspiring to hear Anne Lise Kjaer talk about ‘being’ the story rather than telling the story, and about the change in thinking around segmentation, suggesting that it’s more helpful to identify people by mindset than by age, sex, geography etc.  Sounds logical when it’s put like that but a change in mindset from the way marketers have traditionally approached audiences.

The sessions from Adam at MERL and Hannah at GWL were really clarifying for me, prompting me to stop and think about our ‘voice’. Already I have been re-thinking our tone and making tweaks to our communications, and I’m confident that there will be much more scope for that to develop.

It’s a cliché but days like these give you some time to think and re-focus your priorities. Particularly for me, as a team of just one, it’s really vital for me to be able to hear other people’s experience. It’s amazing how many ideas can be triggered in this way; not just in the sessions but in conversations with colleagues and peers during the breaks too.


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