We try to make our events accessible to all. AMA bursaries help make our events and membership more affordable for individuals and organisations who might not otherwise be able to get involved.

We work with organisations such as Arts Council of Wales, Arts Council England and the Museum Development Network to fund our bursaries. Their much-valued support helps to make these bursaries possible. 

Bursaries are usually available for our annual day events including Digital Marketing Day, Inclusivity & Audiences Day and our annual Conference, and also for membership, where support allows. 

Bursaries currently available

Here’s where we list all bursaries you can currently apply for. If there isn’t anything currently listed, you can sign up to our newsletter to find out when more become available.

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Arts Council of Wales Membership Bursaries

Arts Council of Wales (ACW) are supporting us by providing bursaries that cover the full cost of a year’s Arts Marketing Association membership to support small and large organisations.

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Inclusivity & Audiences Day bursaries

Arts Council of Wales will provide 5 bursaries that cover the full cost of Inclusivity & Audiences Day 2024.

Applications are open to both AMA members and non-members, working for organisations across the cultural sector in Wales.

Previous bursaries 

Fund bursaries

We provide memberships and event places funded by bursaries thanks to the support of sponsors and partner organisations. This means people or organisations who might otherwise not have budget to join or attend can still benefit.

Bursaries can be open or targeted at specific audiences. For instance we have previously offered bursaries for small organisations, for diverse-led organisations, for organisations or people from specific regions/nations, or for people from under-represented backgrounds.

If you or your organisation would like to find out more about funding a bursary, please contact Ciara, our Strategic Partnerships Manager: ciara@a-m-a.co.uk.

Previous recipient testimonials 

The colleagues I meet through AMA are friendly, generous and inspiring with their work and their time and encourage me to think more creatively and integratively about the reciprocity between comms/marketing and development. A bursary for a training event or conference will sow the seeds of thinking connectedly, working differently and sharing intelligently.”  

Jackie Malcolm, Freelancer 

I am so grateful for the bursary that meant I was able to attend the AMA conference” 

Ffion Strong, Digital Marketing Officer, Galeri Caernarfon 

Bursaries enable us to offer access to our events to people who may not otherwise have the opportunity. The events our recipients attend spark ideas and offer both quick, practical wins that can be implemented immediately and long-term strategies that support the resilience of their organisations:

I am working for an organisation who is producing an Augmented Reality Heritage app.  We have yet to devise a marketing plan in order to promote the app once it is launched summer 2021, but as a result of the Arts Marketing Festival I have some more ideas to explore with my team to see how we can prioritise our very limited time and resources in terms of delivering an effective marketing plan.

Katie Trent, Creative Coordinator, Llawrydd 

Since the AMA Festival, I did submit a funding application to the Youth Music Fund (pitching to work with autistic teens in Pembrokeshire over six months) and have other funding applications in the pipeline. More importantly, I got that little ‘nudge’ I sometimes needed to renew my faith in our sector as an agent of change to better our communities and re-energise us to go through the hardships of the times.

Philip Simon, Freelancer

And on a personal level, they instil confidence, offer clarity of purpose and build a sense of community with their peers across the sector:

I will be returning to my organisation with a stronger sense of who we are as a company, our brand and the importance of being authentic and true to that.” Anna Searle, Marketing & Communications Officer, No Fit State Circus

Katie Trent, Creative Coordinator, Llawrydd 

Through a series of inspiring talks, workshops, and networking events, I gained valuable insights and ideas on: sparking connections; being audience-centred; providing value; creating narratives; being more confident in myself and my work; and how to not feel, or be, isolated.

Anne Watson, Marketing and Audience Development Manager, Sound.