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We try to make our events accessible to all. AMA bursaries help make our events and membership more affordable for individuals and organisations who might not otherwise be able to get involved.

We work with organisations such as Arts Council of Wales, Creu Cymru and the Museum Development Network to fund our bursaries. Their much valued support helps to make these bursaries possible.

Bursaries are usually available for our annual day events including Digital Marketing Day, Inclusivity & Audiences Day and Copywriting Day, our annual conference, and also for membership, where support allows.

“I am so grateful for the bursary that meant I was able to attend the AMA conference”
Ffion Strong, Digital Marketing Officer
Galeri Caernarfon


Arts Council of Wales are providing eight bursaries that cover the full cost of MicroDigital for organisations based in Wales.

Application deadline: Monday 28 June at 12pm


Mae Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru yn cynnig bwrsariaeth i dalu cost lawn Meicroddigidol, ein cwrs byr i helpu sefydliadau bach i wella eu marchnata ar-lein a digidol.

12pm ddydd Llun 28 Mehefin yw’r dyddiad cau.

Membership Bursaries

Arts Council of Wales are providing 12 membership bursaries that cover the full cost of a year’s AMA membership with options for both individuals and organisations based in Wales.

Deadline for applications: Monday 5 July at 12pm

Bwrsariaeth am aelodaeth o AMA

Mae Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru yn cynnig 12 bwrsariaeth aelodaeth sy’n talu cost lawn aelodaeth o AMA am flwyddyn gydag opsiynau ar gyfer unigolion a sefydliadau yng Nghymru.

12pm ddydd Llun 5 Gorffennaf yw’r dyddiad cau.