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20th November 2019 Jemma Green

Building a Brand through Digital Storytelling and Advocacy

What is it about?

Brand building / Advocacy / Cross-organisational collaboration

What is the most important thing in building a brand? The power of advocacy. But how do we harness the might of many and build a strong advocacy and engagement programme? That’s the challenge.

Natalya Ratner, Head of Digital Experience & Content at Brand Scotland, will talk about bringing together Scotland’s largest public sector bodies, in a first of its kind initiative, to create a strong international identity with the marketing vehicle Scotland is Now. She’ll explain how this works to deliver economic impact and benefits Scotland as a whole.

View more information on Digital Marketing Day 2019 and book your place.

What will I gain?

— An understanding of the challenges and enablers of cross-organisational collaboration

— An understanding of how brand alignment — and aligning your organisation with the Scotland brand — can work for you

 — Tips on how brand ambassadors can tell your story using digital means

Who is it for?

Those wanting to build a strong advocacy and engagement programme for their brand.


Natalya Ratner | Head of Digital Experience & Content | Brand Scotland





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