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BSL — the basics

Communication / Signing

What is it about?

Knowing how to communicate with a range of audiences isn’t confined to copy and content creation. Being able to communicate with your d/Deaf audiences and colleagues will open up a whole new realm of connection and understanding.

In this session you’ll hear about Rinkoo’s experience as a Deaf performer and writer. You’ll also learn essential signing words, phrases and conversation pieces to get you started.

What will I gain?

— Essential phrases to communicate with your Deaf audiences and colleagues

— Insight into the experience of a Deaf performer and artist and how it relates to your work

— A new skill set to apply to your work

Who is it for?

This is for anybody who would like to learn some essential sign language skills. This is a practical workshop where delegates will be encouraged to take part. It’s aimed at people at any stage in their career.

View more information on AMA conference 2019 and book your place.


Rinkoo Barpaga | Theatre-maker, Film maker and Comedian

Rinkoo is a Deaf British born Theatre-Maker, who uses British and urban sign language.

Throughout his 15-year career he has been involved in media creation and has worked for the BBC, ITV, MTV as well as independent media productions.  He is also involved in stand-up comedy, which he developed in New York.

Rinkoo is currently a theatre-maker and has produced his one-man show, ‘Made in India Britain’ which was showcased at Birmingham Rep.