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30th April 2019 Jemma Green

BSL — the basics

Communication / Signing

What is it about?

Knowing how to communicate with a range of audiences isn’t confined to copy and content creation. Being able to communicate with your d/Deaf audiences and colleagues will open up a whole new realm of connection and understanding.

In this session you’ll hear about Rinkoo’s experience as a Deaf performer and writer. You’ll also learn essential signing words, phrases and conversation pieces to get you started.

What will I gain?

— Essential phrases to communicate with your Deaf audiences and colleagues

— Insight into the experience of a Deaf performer and artist and how it relates to your work

— A new skill set to apply to your work

Who is it for?

This is for anybody who would like to learn some essential sign language skills. This is a practical workshop where delegates will be encouraged to take part. It’s aimed at people at any stage in their career.


Rinkoo Barpaga | Theatre-maker, Film maker and Comedian

Rinkoo is a Deaf British born Theatre-Maker, who uses British and urban sign language.

Throughout his 15-year career he has been involved in media creation and has worked for the BBC, ITV, MTV as well as independent media productions.  He is also involved in stand-up comedy, which he developed in New York.

Rinkoo is currently a theatre-maker and has produced his one-man show, ‘Made in India Britain’ which was showcased at Birmingham Rep.