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Breakthrough – Building Inclusive Organisations

A programme for CEOs and SMTs

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Breakthrough is for leaders of organisations – CEO, Executive Director, or similar – and their senior management teams.

Our programme helps you understand and overcome barriers to move your organisation on, shift mindsets and enable cultural transformation and growth.

At the end of the programme, you’ll have tackled challenges around diversity and inclusion across key areas of your operation, and see a positive impact in the way your organisation functions and future-proofs.

The programme includes:

  • CEO coaching session – one to one, ahead of the start of the main programme
  • Quarterly workshops days for CEOs and SMTs to come together with other CEOS and SMTs 
  • Mid-quarter 1:1 coaching for CEOs and SMTs

Ishreen is an excellent business coach. Her commitment to ensuring that we got results from our training programme was second to none. I definitely got real value from working with Ishreen.

Lorraine Jenkins, Founder, Wildfire PR

Mel is an inspiring mentor who encourages you to drive forward change.

Richard Loftus, Town Hall Symphony Hall 

Reasons organisations take part:

    • Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity has not so far been fully addressed and a greater understanding of what diversity means in organisational ethos and practice is required.
    • Issues in the wider context of the lack of diversity in the cultural industries prompted a review of EDI status.
    • Representation from protected characteristics, particularly in disability and ethnicity within the current workforce profile needs to increase.
    • Major changes to staff and board, or resulting from capital projects, leads to a reappraisal of organisational direction and culture and an opportunity to look again at diversity.
    • Recognition of the value of a diverse and inclusive audience and team that brings different viewpoints into an organisation – and that there is power in diversity.

Programme Content:

The programme is limited to 10 organisations per cohort. It combines 1:1 coaching for CEOs and SMTs with workshops focused on actions and objectives.

The first 1:1 coaching session takes place between the CEO and Mel or Ishreen, to identify where your organisation is at, it’s priorities and goals.

1st workshop

This workshop brings all participating CEOs and SMTs together, taking an in-depth look at Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity and how that relates to each organisation, identifying areas for development and exploration

Following on from priorities and challenges identified in the first workshop, further 1:1 coaching takes place around specific action points. This will be with either the CEO, or CEO and SMT, depending on the needs of the organisation. 

2nd workshop

The second workshop will build on the work that you will have implemented following on from the first workshop and coaching sessions, and brings all participants together again to review progress. 

After the second workshop you should have some clear plans in place to implement. A follow-on coaching session with the CEO / SMT will ensure this stays on track ahead of the 3rd workshop.

3rd workshop

The third workshop sees the cohort reconvene to look at how the plans have taken shape and what new challenges have arisen during implementation, and the organisation’s strategy to embed new approaches for long-term duration.

A further coaching session will take place with CEO / SMT to help keep momentum and ensure progression towards identified goals, before the final workshop takes place.

Final workshop 

The final workshop will consolidate work to date and ensure that the foundations for future and enduring progress are well-established. 

Apply for Breakthrough

The cost for the programme is £1475 + VAT.

This rate is for AMA members and National Portfolio Organisations.

Organisations which do not hold AMA membership or receive NPO funding can take part for £1975+VAT. 

Breakthrough is subsidised and part-funded by AMACultureHive.

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