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Implementing real strategic change

Implementing real strategic change

Debbie Bandara is Artistic Director of Forest Tribe Dance Theatre, who primarily focuses on directing and choreographing immersive theatre that reflects the diverse and inclusive world we live in. In this blog Debbie considers the issues discussed at the AMA's Inclusivity and Audiences Day that she attended in Birmingham in November and the need to implement real strategic change. Over ...

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Performance of ILINX a street show created with 50 young people, combining circus, hip hop, beatboxing and DJ’ing

Cultural space for the community

When the Roundhouse opened as an arts venue in 1966 in Camden, London, it was seen as a vital space within its community. This remains true today and the Roundhouse's local community is a big priority for the organisation. With ...
Take a break from your computer screen and consider this…

Take a break from your computer screen and consider this…

The AMA is delighted that Creative Freedom and Art Fund have once again joined forces to create a space for conversations about mental health and wellbeing at this year’s Digital Marketing Day — Beyond Digital. Colin Beesting starts the conversation ...

#AMA25 — celebrating 25 years of the AMA

On the 22 October 1993 the Arts Marketing Association was registered as a limited company and the AMA was officially born. Over the past year we’ve been celebrating with a series of #AMA25 stories and the 25th and final story ...
AMA's Draft Accessibility Pledge

AMA’s Draft Accessibility Pledge

We have a vision of inclusivity throughout the whole of the AMA, which we work towards in all areas of our work. We believe you can't have an inclusive organisation without also being diverse and accessible. This is part of ...
Discovering the wonders in communities

Discovering the wonders in communities

Mercedes Kemp from WildWorks shares her thoughts on the issues raised by the latest JAM — the AMA’s journal of arts marketing — which focuses on community engagement.  Reading the latest issue of JAM I am heartened by the serious ...
A letter from Jane Cordell #AMAInclusivity

A letter from Jane Cordell #AMAInclusivity

Hello, My name is Jane Cordell. I am an AMA Board member and will be chairing Inclusivity and Audiences Day 2019. By way of introduction, I call myself an AMA ‘insider-outsider’ because: I am a musician and writer and love, ...
Growth mindset and finding your voice #AMAconf

Growth mindset and finding your voice #AMAconf

‘Ouch, I have some of the traits of a fixed mindset.’ Such is my reaction as I’m listening to the keynote by entrepreneur and author Melanie Yusebe at this year’s two-day Arts Marketing Association (AMA) conference in Newcastle. Ironically, I ...
Rewire AMA Conference 2019

#AMAconf Infographic

It's been 2 weeks since AMA conference 2019 and what a resounding success it was. We've collated some of the headline stats into this fancy infographic, which you can also read as a text document. Thanks to all our Sponsors, ...


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