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Blog Block #ADA

Nobody said that it was going to be easy.  ADA Fellow, Emma Oaks from Buxton Opera House, explains her challenge of getting her experiments down on the page for all to learn from and enjoy!

Wait a minute, three blogs?! Yes the ADA paperwork definitely said three blogs. My heart sank a little. Not only had I never written a blog before, I genuinely though I might be able to pass the next 20 years or so into retirement without ever having to think about writing one. That’ll teach me to read the paperwork properly.

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading blogs – the witty, the frank and the thankfully short, I just didn’t think I had one in me, and I especially didn’t want my rambling thoughts on any kind of public forum. So I did what every grown up would do, I ignored it. My colleague reminded me. My mentor reminded me. I had email reminders from the AMA. I stuck my fingers firmly in my ears and then swapped and covered my eyes like a toddler – ha! I couldn’t hear them now.

My first attempt was a disaster. How I envy those people who can just sit at a keyboard and write whatever comes into their heads and it reads like a highly polished, copy-written, proofread and ready to publish piece. My first 500 words sounded like a teenage angst-written letter to the problem page of a magazine. I usually love people with all their little quirks, but that really didn’t come across in my blog, it sounded like I hated everyone and had years of frustration bubbling up from my very core. That snide little comment in paragraph three – would Sian recognise herself as the ‘surly colleague’ that I’d referred to? Nope, that would never do, especially if it was going to be public.

Attempt two. Well, I’ve been sat here a while, I better keep an eye on my word count. Hmmm… 27 words. I’ll re-read the guidance notes and see if that inspires me. Ok, this here blog doesn’t seem to fall into any of the topics on the suggested list, maybe I should re-start it? Nope, definitely haven’t got time for that. Maybe I should try a vlog instead, that’s got to be quicker …if only I could bear to see myself on film.

So, I guess I’ve inadvertently written my first blog, exposed myself as a secret people-hater who writes like a teenager and doesn’t read things properly. Oh and it might be public.

Exit stage right, whimpering dramatically.