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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. Our society and sector are built on structures that are historically, systemically and currently racist. We all have a social obligation to do our part to change this.

Black Lives Matter has foregrounded the conversation, but it must not be allowed to fade into the shadows when the next issue starts trending on Twitter.

We know that social and racial justice does not happen without a long-term commitment to change. We are committed to helping drive that change.

You can read more about AMA’s ongoing journey to change our own organisation, thinking and awareness here. We have been doing a lot of work and learning over the years – we know there is more to do and we will keep taking steps in the right direction. There will be times we get it wrong. When we do, we learn how to do better.

We are committed to social and racial justice and equality. We embed our learning into:

  • Our company culture and values
  • The programmes we run
  • The speakers and trainers we work with
  • The resources we share
  • Our internal processes

We want to support our members on their own social justice journeys. We are all responsible for educating ourselves, and agitating for change in our organisations.

We hope to help you make a difference by doing what we do best: helping people to learn and develop as individuals and organisations.

We brought together resources that AMA, its members, and its staff have found useful in changing our thinking, doing, and that of the organisation. You can find it here.

Please share with us things that you see so that we can keep growing our resources page, and keep the conversation, the learning and change going.