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6th November 2019 Jemma Green

Beyond Digital

What is it about?

Workflow / Crowdfunding / Digital content

DigVentures are pioneering the use of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and digital methods to increase access and opportunities for people to purposefully participate in archaeological experiences.

During this opening keynote, Lisa will talk about how DigVentures are amplifying physical experiences by transforming and extending them online, leading to a large percentage of the ‘crowd’ who now fund DigVentures being digital engagers only.

Lisa will discuss how they’re achieving this by getting their digital content right. She will explore how satisfying funder requirements changes your practice as a cultural professional, when your funder is a crowd instead of a grant-making body, organisation or individual.

When thinking about digital best practice, it isn’t just about the digital methods in you have in place — it’s the techniques you use to activate them, and how an authentic and tailored workflow can transform your work and relationships — with your stakeholders, members, and audiences.

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Lisa Westcott Wilkins MA FRSA FA| Co-Founder and Managing Director | DigVentures

DigVentures is a UK-based social business specialising in digital engagement, participatory ‘citizen science’, alternative funding, heritage tourism and harnessing the experience economy for cultural initiatives. Under Ms Westcott Wilkins’ leadership, DigVentures has pioneered the adoption of tech-enabled, heritage-based engagement in transforming places, feeding into economic and social stability for clients on regional, national and international-scale projects.

Having begun her career in investment banking in New York City, Ms Westcott Wilkins’ professional background includes management positions in the Cultural Olympiad team of the 2012 London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, the Museum of the Earth at Cornell University, and the Editorship of Current Archaeology magazine. She lectures internationally on crowdfunding and cultural engagement, most recently as a key speaker at REMIX 2019 at Google’s new London HQ. Lisa is a Clore Fellow, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and incoming Fellow of the London Society of Antiquaries




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