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Between Jobs Membership

Between Jobs Membership

We know a lot of people pay for their membership through their organisation, and we know organisations across the sector are facing difficult decisions. Redundancies are happening, and are likely to continue to happen, on a large scale for some time to come.

Between Jobs Membership is for you if:

  • You’re currently out of work
  • Have been, or are about to be, made redundant

You can get 3 months free Arts Marketing Association membership, with full access to all benefits, to make sure you can continue to access our support.

There is the potential to extend that for a further 3 months if you’re still out of work at the end of that initial period. We want to support you as best we can during this difficult time.

AMA Member Benefits include:

  • Access to member resources in the member area
  • PDF copies of JAM (Journal of Arts Marketing) – current and back issues
  • Access to free training webinars and discounts on other training
  • Free regional member meetings (when we’re permitted to meet in person again – paused for now)