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Being provocative can be a good thing #AMAinclusivity

This February we are launching the Inclusivity and Audiences Symposium in Birmingham. As with our other events you can expect informative Keynotes and insightful breakout sessions, but for the Symposium we will be introducing ‘provocations’ to challenge our delegates.

Below, AMA Programme Producer Bea Udeh outlines just what you can expect from these provocations and what she hopes you will take away from the challenges our speakers put in front of you:


So, as the Inclusivity and Audiences Symposium is a brand-new event, we are going to be trying something a little different by having four amazing speakers deliver provocations that will open you up to different points of view.

I think these perspectives are an opportunity for sharing ideas, to move thought forward and to disrupt our thinking in terms of how ideas can be formed and explored. They’ll look at how we engage with our audiences and how we can include them in the conversation — from our policies and strategies to the actual art of what it is that we want to achieve.

The Rough Side of Town — what do you really know about your neighbourhood?

Boseda Olawoye will take you to the streets, where some of us will never ever dare to step. Her steps into these streets mean that she leaves her biases at a different door in order to set up projects with these audiences.

Slanguage (noun) a form of slang — not another one for the tick-box list

Rinkoo Barpaga is a man who observes the world from a place of double discrimination or sometimes even triple. As a deaf, Asian British man, he works to be authentic through language in an ever-changing world of slang and slanguage.

Ivory Towers — climb down and get into the communities

Jo McLeish will spark passion about how audiences are engaged from the beginning of a process, keeping the end in mind, and she’s going to take it to the place where leadership and community voices intersect.

United Front — the synergy between young people and organisational development

Zeddie Lawal will be posing a model that blasts the notion that young people are not ready to lead from the front.

Obviously, these provocations will tickle and inspire you, but ultimately, we want you to take them from the Symposium out into your daily work, so that you can make an impact for achieving a better society.

Bea Udeh | Programme Producer | AMA

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