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12th November 2018 Jemma Green

Becoming Data-Led — audience engagement at the Royal Opera House

Image courtesy of Royal Shakespeare Company — Photo by David Tett © RSC


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What is it about?

Discover how the Royal Opera House has put data at the heart of its audience strategy. Lucy will explain how the team has been restructured and the budget rejigged. Learn how the marketing, communications and digital plans have all been altered to be more data-led. Find out how this is driving substantial revenue gains and cost reductions for the Royal Opera House.

What will I gain?

— Tips on how to put data at the heart of comms and digital plans

— An understanding of how the Royal Opera House have restructured their marketing team to be more audience focused

— Advice on how to be more data-led

Who is it for?

This session will be pitched towards senior managers and leaders of cultural organisations.

Lucy Sinclair| Director of Audiences and Media | Royal Opera House




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