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Be the Change #FutureProofMuseums

Strategic Audience Development Manager at Culture Coventry, Thanh Sinden, tells the AMA what she’s gained since embarking on the  Future Proof Museums Fellowship. 

Thanh Sinden, Culture Coventry
My decision to apply to be a fellow of the Future Proof Museums programme was the best action I could make for my own personal development to be a future leader in the sector. What motivated me to this cause was knowing that I needed to be the change I wanted to see.
I see a sector that needs great leaders to navigate museums through transformational times. Leaders that will change, develop and redefine what a museum is and means. Underpinning this drive for change is the need to remain relevant in a changing world of cultural consumption. When we matter more to more people we will become more relevant to the population at large rather than just existing in the city.
The 3 day residential was an experience I’ve never had before. The intensive training programme gave me so many valuable insights. It expanded my thinking. Provided inspiration to develop my own approach and framework using the skills and tools I had gained to carry out organisational change, where the whole organisation culture adapts to a dynamic, agile and value-driven business way of thinking.
The expertise, care and generosity all the programme trainers and the AMA gave to me as an individual and as a cohort during the residential training was outstanding. The business tools and knowledge I gained will transform the way I do things. From business modelling to optimising team and individual performance, to assessing where we are as an organisation in relation to the Audience Engagement Spectrum. It has equipped me in the best way to act on my purpose and vision for change in my organisation and in the sector as a whole.