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How to get Technology — and Teams — to Talk to Each Other

What is it about?

Technology can unlock potential but also create barriers within organisations. With core functions spread across a variety of different systems, with data stored in different formats there are challenges getting teams — and information in their systems — to talk to each other.

What does the future hold to break down the barriers technology creates within our organisation, and as an industry, and how can we take back control?

This session is sponsored by PatronBase.

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What will I gain?

A fresh perspective on how tech may be holding your organisation back

Insight into current and future trends

An understanding of how we can take control and make our tech work for us

Who is it for?

Those at Officer and Mid-Management level


Rob Walters | Global Software Architect | Patronbase

Rob has been writing software since he was 15, and his interest in the Arts started even earlier, splitting his time at school pretty evenly between the theatre and the computer labs.

In 2008 Rob founded a bespoke software and web development company to further his passion for development. In 2013 he took on the role of Global Software Architect for PatronBase. When a new opportunity arose, Rob was delighted to lead PatronBase in the UK, spearheading growth into North America and the Middle East.

Having worked on projects from facial recognition to biometrics, and artificial intelligence to eye tracking, Rob loves nothing more than combining his 2 greatest interests of digital innovation and the Arts, looking for innovative ways to use technology to help Arts organisations do more better.

This session is sponsored by PatronBase

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Building a Brand through Digital Storytelling and Advocacy

What is it about?

Brand building / Advocacy / Cross-organisational collaboration

What is the most important thing in building a brand? The power of advocacy. But how do we harness the might of many and build a strong advocacy and engagement programme? That’s the challenge.

Natalya Ratner, Head of Digital Experience & Content at Brand Scotland, will talk about bringing together Scotland’s largest public sector bodies, in a first of its kind initiative, to create a strong international identity with the marketing vehicle Scotland is Now. She’ll explain how this works to deliver economic impact and benefits Scotland as a whole.

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What will I gain?

— An understanding of the challenges and enablers of cross-organisational collaboration

— An understanding of how brand alignment — and aligning your organisation with the Scotland brand — can work for you

 — Tips on how brand ambassadors can tell your story using digital means

Who is it for?

Those wanting to build a strong advocacy and engagement programme for their brand.


Natalya Ratner | Head of Digital Experience & Content | Brand Scotland




Lunch-time Talk with Digital Culture Network’s ACE Tech Champions

How to be like Google

What is it about?

This 30 minute talk on how being a “Google” alternative for your audience and followers might be the social media strategy you’ve been looking for. It will cover how Google’s fundamental business model is one that can be applied to your social media output and business ethos. As they say if it’s good enough for Google….

Included is an overview of how to access free support from Tech Champions to realise your social media and digital ambitions.

This lunch-time talk is sponsored by Arts Council England.

View more information on Digital Marketing Day 2019 and book your place.

What will I gain?

— Ways to engage with and build an audience on social media

— Advice on how to create brand advocates

— Information on how to access free support from Digital Culture Network

Who is it for?

Anyone that wants to make more of their social media.


Haydn Corrodus | Tech Champion for Social Media | Digital Culture Network

Haydn Corrodus is a Tech Champion for Social Media at Digital Culture Network /Arts Council England. Haydn has previously worked with brands such as Coca Cola and Unilever on award-winning experiential, social and digital marketing campaigns. He is also a founding partner of We Are Stripes, which works to increase opportunities in the creative industries for people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Dean Shaw | Tech Champion for Content | Digital Culture Network

Dean Shaw is a Tech Champion for Content and his work with Digital Culture Network helps organisations gain the insights and skills they need to make engaging content that’s loved and shared. Dean is a self-taught Director/Producer of hundreds of pieces of online content with 100+ million views, and has previously worked with brands such as Red Bull, Audi, Toyota & F1. He’s also helped to launch many small start-ups with limited resources to punch above their weight in the ever-increasingly complex and competitive world of digital marketing.

This lunch-time talk is sponsored by Arts Council England


Website Accessibility — getting the basics right

What is it about?

Website accessibility / Access culture / Website content

Make your website more accessible without investing in additional development of the site.

Get an insight into what you can do to improve accessibility, how to approach accessibility and tools and tips you can use at your desk.

View more information on Digital Marketing Day 2019 and book your place.

What will I gain?

— Ways to instantly improve website accessibility

— An understanding of Access Culture and what it means for websites

— Insights into how design and content can help or hinder website accessibility

Who is it for?

Those with responsibility for creating website content or managing websites.


Kate Mrockowski

Kate Mroczkowski | Head of Strategy | Supercool



Audience-First Marketing

We’re on the cusp of 2020, with many organisations moving beyond ‘digital marketing’ as an independent strand of our marketing activity.

Investment in digital marketing in our sector has grown hugely over the last 5 years, and this isn’t because digital marketing is more engaging, more transparent and more measurable, but because it is on these digital channels, that our audiences now reside.

Organisations are now looking at an ‘Audience first’ approach to marketing and this session will provide you with insights to understand what your audiences are up to in the digital world, and how best to reach them.

This session is sponsored by Digital Visitor.

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What will I gain?

— A greater understanding of your audiences’ behaviour online

— Tips on how best to reach them on digital channels

— Details of the 3 priority digital activities you must get right

Who is it for?

Marketing Directors and decision makers.


Anthony Rawlins | Founder | Digital Visitor

Anthony Rawlins is the founder of Digital Visitor and has over 15 years experience in crafting digital and media strategies for travel and tourism organisations. He has worked with businesses across the industry, including UK and international tourist boards, global travel companies and attractions.

At Digital Visitor, Anthony is responsible for service innovation and works alongside the agencies biggest clients to help shape their strategies and reach audiences the right audiences.

A sought-after speaker at major industry events across the world, Anthony shares his insights and knowledge with global tourism brands. Anthony’s personal passion is communicating the UK ’s travel offering to the ‘EasyJet generation’, many of whom have travelled the world but have never explored the UK.

This session is sponsored by Digital Visitor.




The Digital Shift — what we can learn from digital transformation in the creative, third, and public sectors

Leadership Briefing 

In the largest study on resilience in the cultural sector to date (The Audience Agency/Golant Innovation/Arts Council England), professionals identified competition from other leisure and entertainment and changed consumer habits resulting from digital as the two biggest challenges, after funding cuts. Both drivers sit outside the arts.

Funded cultural organisations have much in common with the commercial creative industries and wider third and public sectors. They manage venues and visitor attractions; involve local communities; produce and publish filmed media, audio and ‘print’; run shops and cafés — as well as creating experiences that reflect as well as change the lives of those enjoying them.

So how are music, publishing and entertainment affected by the embedding of digital into our lives, the economy and the world around us? How are voluntary organisations and social enterprises using the power of the Internet and mobile devices to transform themselves and the communities they serve? How is central and local government leveraging digital to redesign their services and business models? How do design, advertising and fashion use data to optimise their impact? How does sport enhance buildings and outdoor spaces with digital?

Let’s see what the cultural sector can learn and apply from this.

This session is supported by The Audience Agency.

View more information on Digital Marketing Day 2019 and book your place.

What will I gain?

Understand how consumer behaviours and expectations are changing as a result of digital

See how design thinking and user-centered research can be used to drive innovation

Be able to spot opportunities for new revenues, funding or lower costs through digital

Who is it for?

For executives, board members and ‘heads of’ finance, marketing, communications, enterprise, innovation, digital, media/broadcast who are seeking to think differently about how digital can transform their organisation. Others managing organisational change around digital and data will also benefit from this briefing.


Patrick Towell | Innovation Director | The Audience Agency

Patrick Towell is the Innovation Director of The Audience Agency and Executive Director of its enterprise arm, Golant Innovation. He is a business and financial advisor to Arts Council England, resilience advisor to Arts Council Wales and digital advisor to National Lottery Heritage Fund. He is global policy research fellow at the Institute for Technology and Society in Rio, a thinktank for the global south.

He writes and speaks on how innovations can be shared between different sectors, the impact of big data and artificial intelligence on human rights and how content and data can be turned into strategic business assets.

Formerly, he was Chair of the Information Society Working Group for the UK’s National Commission for UNESCO and was Vice-Chair of the British Standards committee for e-learning.

Golant is the village he grew up in on the River Fowey in Cornwall. He plays the piano and accordion.

This session is supported by The Audience Agency.



Beyond Digital

What is it about?

Workflow / Crowdfunding / Digital content

DigVentures are pioneering the use of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and digital methods to increase access and opportunities for people to purposefully participate in archaeological experiences.

During this opening keynote, Lisa will talk about how DigVentures are amplifying physical experiences by transforming and extending them online, leading to a large percentage of the ‘crowd’ who now fund DigVentures being digital engagers only.

Lisa will discuss how they’re achieving this by getting their digital content right. She will explore how satisfying funder requirements changes your practice as a cultural professional, when your funder is a crowd instead of a grant-making body, organisation or individual.

When thinking about digital best practice, it isn’t just about the digital methods in you have in place — it’s the techniques you use to activate them, and how an authentic and tailored workflow can transform your work and relationships — with your stakeholders, members, and audiences.

View more information on Digital Marketing Day 2019 and book your place.



Lisa Westcott Wilkins MA FRSA FA| Co-Founder and Managing Director | DigVentures

DigVentures is a UK-based social business specialising in digital engagement, participatory ‘citizen science’, alternative funding, heritage tourism and harnessing the experience economy for cultural initiatives. Under Ms Westcott Wilkins’ leadership, DigVentures has pioneered the adoption of tech-enabled, heritage-based engagement in transforming places, feeding into economic and social stability for clients on regional, national and international-scale projects.

Having begun her career in investment banking in New York City, Ms Westcott Wilkins’ professional background includes management positions in the Cultural Olympiad team of the 2012 London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, the Museum of the Earth at Cornell University, and the Editorship of Current Archaeology magazine. She lectures internationally on crowdfunding and cultural engagement, most recently as a key speaker at REMIX 2019 at Google’s new London HQ. Lisa is a Clore Fellow, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and incoming Fellow of the London Society of Antiquaries



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