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18th November 2019 Jemma Green

Audience-First Marketing

We’re on the cusp of 2020, with many organisations moving beyond ‘digital marketing’ as an independent strand of our marketing activity.

Investment in digital marketing in our sector has grown hugely over the last 5 years, and this isn’t because digital marketing is more engaging, more transparent and more measurable, but because it is on these digital channels, that our audiences now reside.

Organisations are now looking at an ‘Audience first’ approach to marketing and this session will provide you with insights to understand what your audiences are up to in the digital world, and how best to reach them.

This session is sponsored by Digital Visitor.

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What will I gain?

— A greater understanding of your audiences’ behaviour online

— Tips on how best to reach them on digital channels

— Details of the 3 priority digital activities you must get right

Who is it for?

Marketing Directors and decision makers.


Anthony Rawlins | Founder | Digital Visitor

Anthony Rawlins is the founder of Digital Visitor and has over 15 years experience in crafting digital and media strategies for travel and tourism organisations. He has worked with businesses across the industry, including UK and international tourist boards, global travel companies and attractions.

At Digital Visitor, Anthony is responsible for service innovation and works alongside the agencies biggest clients to help shape their strategies and reach audiences the right audiences.

A sought-after speaker at major industry events across the world, Anthony shares his insights and knowledge with global tourism brands. Anthony’s personal passion is communicating the UK ’s travel offering to the ‘EasyJet generation’, many of whom have travelled the world but have never explored the UK.

This session is sponsored by Digital Visitor.





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