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Audience Finder and Peppered — turning insights into audiences

Image courtesy of Opera North © Justin Slee — Community Partners Peer Support Service enjoy a backstage tour with Opera North

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What is it about?

Audience Finder is the audience data sharing and insight platform from The Audience Agency, helping cultural organisations to understand and grow their audiences.
Peppered is a website and marketing platform, developed in the Netherlands and now coming to the UK, that empowers venues to powerfully, effectively and easily target their arts events to the right people through advanced digital marketing.
Together Coen van der Poll of Peppered and Leo Sharrock of The Audience Agency will talk about how the breakthrough integration of these two platforms will work to understand target audiences, plan smart customer engagement and automate effective communications to increase sales and personalise the user experience.

What will I gain?

— An understanding of how audience insight and online data can drive both targeted marketing and programming
— Insight into the latest tools being developed to facilitate smarter marketing processes for arts venues
— Ideas for creating data-driven content and increasing the effectiveness of your audience engagement

Who is it for?

This session is for managers, heads of departments and leaders who want to learn more about smart integration of marketing, ticketing systems, audience insight and website content.

Leo Sharrock | Director of Data Platforms | The Audience Agency

Coen van der Poll | Creative Director | Peppered
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